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Launching Your Branded Media Property

At RebelMouse we're obsessed with setting up content for success through the power of distributed publishing. We've mastered a lean tech model that lets you create socially-powered websites that can be launched in hours, not weeks.

Still, RebelMouse is much more than just a software vendor and technology platform. The company has deep experience building and launching successful media properties that gain real traction and have a chance to become a core part of pop culture.

A significant part of the value add we provide is as a "Sherpa" to New Media — we guide you on how to build them, how to launch them, and how to grow them. Using the strengths of our global team, we can serve as a creative agency for your site launch — working with your team on product, design, content strategy + social marketing. And we do that through a refined process that sets you up from the beginning to be successful in your launch and growth phases. Learn More >

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Bring Together All Of Your Content

Bring together all of your content and optimize it automatically for redistribution. Ingest all of your articles, social accounts, and influencer content under one roof.

  • Curate Content from Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Re-purpose and re-publish content mashups to engage audiences, new and old.

Create New Content Like a Media Company

Write Once, Publish Everywhere. RebelMouse enables you to keep pace with the ever-evolving technology landscape, with a platform that's engineered to ride the bleeding edge of digital publishing.

  • Collaboration Tools (including Content Governance, Staging & User Permissions)
  • Create Listicles right from the entry editor for fast, viral content.
  • A/B test multiple headlines to determine and promote top performing creatives.
  • Optimize posts with our built-in SEO tools.
  • Drive interaction, sharing, and community growth with custom calls-to-action (CTAs).
  • Fully edit, send + schedule all your social posts directly from the Rebel platform, and publish to new social platforms like Facebook Instant Articles, Apple News and Google AMP.

Reach the Audience that Matters to Your Bottom Line

Go beyond post + pray on social. RebelMouse gives teams an efficient playbook to systematically build sustainable social relationships and connect content to the right audiences. Our built-in social relationship management tools help identify new hyper-targeted social communities + influencers.

  • Leverage proprietary tech that surfaces editorially like-minded Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts and the data to make intelligent selections.
  • Choose from a spectrum of social signals to build relationships with social accounts. With a simple "like" on a recent post or a more direct email intro, spark partnerships on the foundation of shared content and engagement.
  • Track the key sharing data — who is generating real buzz and social reach for you? How often? On what content?
  • Tag social profiles of influencers to content and concepts to create renewed relationships with every piece of content created.

RebelMouse Scales Traffic + Security

The RebelMouse DCMS is built for scale. As a hosted solution, complete with a battle-tested CDN, you can rest assured that your site will be able to handle viral traffic with ease. We are already serving hundreds of millions of pageviews and reaching multiples of that on social.

Introducing Social UX for Media

Let's get straight to the point. We can double your traffic in 10 days or less.

(No, we're not kidding.)

We can do this with something we call Social UX for Media. It's our way of making your site as viral and binge-worthy as the Facebook News Feed. In fact, you're interacting with Social UX for Media right now on this site. Whether you run a new media site, or a corporate blog, it just works. Check out these stats that one of our customers saw within 10 days of switching from WordPress.

Every site that we migrate sees the same lift. Every. Single. One. So, when we say that we can double your traffic in a week, we mean it. Here's how we do it:

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