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Meet RebelMouse

RebelMouse is a creative agency with the best premium CMS (content management system) in the industry. We have a deep understanding of the ever-changing strategies and tactics for targeted organic distribution.

We deliver the right technology, strategies, and roadmaps that are vital to success in today's social-first world. Our clients are genuine about their content and recognize telling their story requires a modernized approach to distribution and growth.

We work with both publishers and marketers to help their stories reach the right people, and to build experiences that create loyalty, engagement, and conversion.

Founded by the team that launched The Huffington Post, the RebelMouse team has extensive experience building some of the largest content properties in the world. We built and launched The Dodo from scratch, which has one of the highest pages for engagements on Facebook ever. RebelMouse also built Axios, which has transformed into a political news powerhouse and a darling of new media companies with 80 million monthly page views within 10 months of launch. We also work with some of the largest brands in the world, including United Airlines — where we run their content hub and provide design, content taxonomy and strategy, as well as technology implementations.


Launching with RebelMouse begins with a foundation of cutting-edge technology. Our next-generation CMS is fast, secure, and built to take your content to the next level. Our product offers powerful tools to propel your content for distributive growth on your site, social, and search. It's why we've quickly become the #1 WordPress VIP alternative.

The concept of distributive growth is still misunderstood across the industry, resulting in plummeting page views and lost monetization opportunities because of old, clunky tech. Optimized content is critical for every type of media. Our CMS has built-in integrations for Facebook Instant Articles, Google AMP, and Apple News to ensure articles provide the user experience people have come to expect.

Our tech includes exclusive content optimization tools like the RebelMouse Particle Accelerator, which drastically increases your sharing capabilities and fuels social growth like never before. Our Social UX for Media layout is viral, binge-worthy, and proven to double traffic in just 10 days. With RebelMouse, you can search for social content as you create. Repeat viral reach is fueled by data, and we offer access to our proprietary technology to drive organic growth as no other platform can.


RebelMouse is a unique creative agency. Because of our platform and client relationships, we have access to data and insights others don't. We continuously analyze all of our clients' data and performance so we can help guide your strategy toward the path of sustained audience growth and increased revenue.

Led by Paul Berry, we have a small team of geeks, traffic junkies, and creatives to help with content strategy, essential integrations, and thoughtful revenue building. We help you put the algorithms in your favor and the wind at your back. We help your teams understand how contagious media works, how to break through the noise, and how to create loyalty and repeat engagement.


Technology continues to accelerate the way we consume and interact with media. And while publishers are looking for a way to keep up with the times, they're following a roadmap that ultimately leads them nowhere. They're caught in a hamster wheel chasing these fast-changing trends. We can be your compass — quite literally. We'll help you navigate the turbulent waters of the new media landscape and ensure you're not only creating benchmarks and goals but surpassing them.

Intuition and gut inspire us, but we compare everything against data — lots of it. As one of the few, if not only, creative agencies that have access to data across a ton of properties and media sites, we can better guide our clients' toward their growth objectives.

Our software is different, in that it's built to foster success before publish. We won't leave you to navigate the waters alone and we never let our clients fall behind. Instead, we keep them on the leading edge of what it means to be a publisher in 2018.

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How Axios Built on RebelMouse

The Axios founding team is composed of the industry veterans who built Politico and shaped The New York Times. They had a vision for building a next-generation media site that would not only win in the world of social, but would also build real loyalty and a subscriber base.

Industry: News Media
Headquarters: Washington, DC

Axios is a new media company delivering vital, trustworthy news and analysis in the most efficient, illuminating, and shareable ways possible. They offer a mix of original and smartly narrated coverage of media trends, tech, business, and politics with expertise, voice, and smart brevity — on a new and innovative mobile platform.

With some of the best writers in the world, Axios knew that, to be successful, they would need to provide next-generation authoring tools as well as a next-generation front-end experience for their readers.

Project Requirements:

  • Get to launch quickly while still having tremendous depth in technology
  • Build a next-generation media property
  • Empower editors with technology for breaking news
  • Build a CMS that manages and elegantly assembles content into articles
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You're almost there! Fill out the form below and a Rebel will contact you within one business day.