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Introducing RebelMouse’s New AI Headline Generator

robot introduces RebelMouse's AI headline generator

Work More Efficiently and Save Time With Optimized Headlines and Descriptions

For RebelMouse publishers who have AI enabled, we’re excited to announce a new headline generator in Entry Editor to optimize headlines and meta descriptions with the assistance of AI. Say goodbye to figuring out the “perfect” title or meta description on your own and enjoy SEO-optimized headlines that put your business on the fast track to better conversions.

Benefits of the AI Headline Generator

The AI headline generator automates the time-consuming tasks of curating the best phrases, titles, social media headlines, and meta descriptions for your content that draw users in and meet Google’s best practices for SEO. This tool is valuable for creating headlines to enhance content like videos, images, social ads, emails, and more to help publishers maximize their time, efficiency, and complement their automated marketing campaigns.

According to a global survey conducted in 2022, one-third of marketers say that marketing automation helped them with budget allocation, lead generation and nurturing, customer service, staff time optimization, data and decision-making, and more. This is a valuable tool for crafting headlines that enhance various content types, including videos, images, social ads, and emails. It aids publishers in maximizing their time and efficiency, seamlessly integrating with their automated marketing campaigns.

How the AI Headline Generator Works

Here is a step-by-step breakdown of the AI headline generator in action:

#1. Use the sparkles icon to locate Entry Editor's Headlines tab

#2. Click on the Refresh Al icon in the top-right corner

headline and metadata AI optimizer

Doing so will give you a list of text suggestions for the following based on what the body of your article is about:

  • Headline: The headline is the main title of your article that lets a reader know what the article is about.
  • Social Headline: This is the social media post headline that hooks a reader. You can repurpose parts of your article as social posts to further engage your audience.
  • Front Page Headline: The front page headline is a version of the headline that appears on front pages and section pages only, teasing the content.
  • SEO Headline: The SEO headline, the main title of an article optimized for SEO keywords, is typically limited to 60 characters or less and is known as the SEO title.
  • SEO Description: The SEO description, or meta description, is a summary of the page’s content in 150–155 characters to help users determine if the page suits their needs.
  • Social Description: A social post's caption or description is designed to inform, influence, or engage readers.

For headlines, once the output is generated, you’ll see three radio buttons with the option to choose the one you like the best:

example of headlines optimizer for title about Disney movies

#3. Choose the headline that best aligns with your content goals

Once you choose a main headline, it will become the main title of your post. You can also select additional headlines and descriptions all on the same tab, eliminating the need to navigate to each element individually in other tabs. If you want to combine two suggestions to create a custom headline, simply make adjustments to the main field and changes will automatically take place so that you never have to leave the Headlines tab.

  • Social Headline automatically fills in under the Distribution tab.
  • Front Page Headline automatically fills in under the Teaser tab, customizing the headline as it appears on your front page or section pages.
  • SEO Headline automatically fills in under the SEO tab.

There is only one text suggestion for the SEO Description and Social Description sections. Once selected, you can also make changes to the descriptions, which will automatically be displayed in the appropriate sections of Entry Editor.

optimizer in action to help write SEO descriptions

If you hover over the question mark icon, you will find a description for each section.

optimizer in action to help write social descriptions

By clicking on the pencil icon next to the question mark, you can override the default prompt for any element. This allows you to make changes or add information to the prompt to help the AI understand exactly the type of content you want.

A good example of editing a prompt might be instructing the SEO Headline prompt to include certain keywords of your choice in the body.

customizing the command prompt for SEO headlines

Set Up Custom Prompts

In addition to the out-of-the-box headline and description prompts, you can set up custom prompts that fit needs specific to your business. This might include writing a meta description for a recipe or adding a title for MSN or another distribution partner. Let us know what kinds of prompts would be helpful to you and we can work on a solution.

AI Headline Testimonials

The following is a testimonial from a RebelMouse publisher who has enjoyed success with our AI headline generator.

Connor Wade at Premier Guitar on AI Headlines:

“It helps with workflow, especially the social headlines and descriptions! I like the feature that generates SEO headlines descriptions and headlines, which saves us a lot of time when laying out digital content. And the fact that they automatically populate in the SEO section! The social headlines/tweet inspiration offer a great jumping off point and we've already used those for email marketing, article blurbs/teasers, and social posts."

RebelMouse Boosts Content With Advanced AI Tools

Unlock the power of RebelMouse's AI headline generator to supercharge your content strategy and elevate your online presence. Embrace the future of content optimization with RebelMouse, ensuring your web performance and content drive more conversions and engaged customers. Elevate your success by harnessing the tools that keep you at the forefront of digital excellence.

If you don’t have AI enabled yet on your account, connect with your account manager or reach out to to learn more about doing so to gain access to this new Entry Editor tab.

We’d love to hear your feedback as you use this new AI functionality to improve your editorial workflow. Let us know what you think!

(Not publishing on RebelMouse yet? Reach out today to get started!)

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