Introduction to Entry Editor

How to access Entry Editor

Open Entry Editor from Hamburger Menu

The Entry Editor can also be accessed from the navigation sidebar. To open the sidebar, you can click on the burger icon on the top bar of your site, or on the top left corner of your Dashboard.

Open Entry Editor from Post Dashboard

There are several ways one can access the Entry Editor page from the Posts Dashboard. When creating a new article, you can click on the blue icon at the bottom right corner of your screen and choose one of the options to create a new post. If instead you wish to edit a preexisting article, you can click the edit button upon finding the article on the dashboard list.

Open Entry Editor from Front Pages using Editing Toolbar

When hovering over posts on your site, the Entry Editor can be accessed by clicking on the Edit icon, the top icon on the blue toolbar.

Open Entry Editor by URL directly

To access your Entry Editor by URL, you can append this to the end of your site URL after the login: “/r/entryeditor/”.

Note: You need to be logged in with a role that has permissions to create articles on the site.

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