Entry Editor Right Rail Tabs

Stats Tab Overview

To offer a dynamic view of the analytics of your post, we have a Stats tab on Entry Editor. This tab shows some crucial stats of your post.

Page Views

General views of your post on your site.

AMP Page Views

Views from users that accessed the post via AMP, if AMP is enabled.

Daily/Monthly/Hourly Data Range

Shows a graph of the total page views, as well as Facebook views (distributed by FB Instant Articles views and Facebook reach) within the last 30 days, 24 hours, or the last hour, depending on what you select.

Voting Results

If your post has a voting particle, the interactions with the voting feature will also show on the Stats page. It will be separated into:

  • Upvotings
  • Downvotings
  • General votings (when upvoting/downvoting is not enabled)

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