Building Pages

Home Page

The home page is the place to showcase your style and the depth of your content or offerings. To build a successful home page you will want to consider the general layout as well as how your content will populate the page in a way that is accessible and aesthetically appealing. In this section, we’ll examine the building blocks of the home page (which will also be your base for building any other pages on the site).

Accessing the Home Page

From within the L&D tool, you’ll find the home page by clicking the hamburger menu, opening the drop down for Pages, and selecting Home Page. This will open the interface for the home pages instance in the L&D.

Adding a Posts Element

A home page will generally use a selection of elements from within the L&D to populate content, ads, widgets, and shared elements such as a topbar. Let’s start with the Posts element. A Posts element allows you to select what content will appear in a certain location within your home page. You are also able to select how many articles will appear in a certain location, as well as many ways to filter the content that is shown.

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