Introduction to Layout & Design Tool

Overview and Summary of Layout & Design Tools

The RebelMouse Layout & Design Tool (L&D) is the foundation of any website built on RebelMouse. Our strategy takes default and custom pages, with a wide variety of prebuilt pieces of content. From simple rows and columns to subtle post and post page elements, custom HTML and Javascript components, ad tag elements, and so on, the interplay between these pieces of content is key to building a great website using RebelMouse.

Also, our service comes with a lots of options for customizing the look and feel of your site, through CSS styling, HTML, and custom pages. Your RebelMouse site comes with a suite of default pages, including the home page, post page, section page, and 404 page, all of which can be customized. But you're not limited to that: you can also make custom pages, like newsletter landing pages, custom post pages, promotional pages, and so on.

Combining elements, pages, and styling creates your own RebelMouse-powered website from scratch, using an in-depth understanding of our tools, CSS, HTML, and Javascript. Our Layout & Design tool is also very user-friendly—perfect for beginners who know little to no code. It is quite easy to add in elements and structures, so you need just a small amount of understanding to get your website up and running. We'll walk you through each of these primary tools in detail in this document, giving you everything you need to know to create and maintain your website with confidence.

Accessing Layout & Design Tools

To access the Layout & Design tool, log in and click on the hamburger menu to select “Layout & Design” option.

Note: only an administrator, developer, platform, or serverside engineer has permission to access this feature, as they can Manage AB Tests.

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