Entry Editor Right Rail Tabs

Distribution Tab Overview


On the Distribution tab, you have the option to enable AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) for your posts and to choose if the page should be displayed on AMP first on Desktop or Mobile devices.

Apple News

Further down, we have the option of enabling the Apple News functionality. By turning on this toggle, the post will be added to your Apple News feed after publishing. Check your Global Settings to make sure all your Apple News information is correctly added.

Social Headline and Social Description

We have two fields for Social Headlines and Social Description when distributing your articles through social media and news aggregators. The headline and description added in this tab will take precedence when sharing your post to amplify content distribution.

Custom Tweet

The Custom Tweet field can be used to add a default tweet that will be shown to your users when they click to share your post on Twitter/X from your site.

Social Teaser

The Social Teaser is an image you wish to use for your social cards. When a social teaser is added to the Distribution tab, it will take precedence on the social cards over your main image uploaded to the article.

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