Introduction to the versioning and change log

The L&D Tool now keeps a record of all changes made on the site, including details such as who made the changes, when they were made, and the type of change.

When you open the Layout & Design Tool, you’ll find a new Changelog feature. It allows you to stay informed about important updates on your site.

The Changelog will track the creation and deletion of custom pages or custom shared elements, as well as the creation and deletion of A/B tests. Additionally, it will log any A/B tests that are set as live and any changes related to archiving or unarchiving them.

Comparing the Code: Old Version vs. New Version

Every time you push an A/B test live, a comparison screen will appear that shows the differences between your A/B test and the one that is currently live.The sections marked in red are from the live version and will be overwritten by the updates marked in green in the new version. This means that you will no longer overwrite live changes that you were not aware were introduced.

Quick Revert to Latest Version

Ever make a mistake and want to revert your changes? You can now go to Timeline, Full Version history for sepcific page and click on the recent commit to load the latest changes. Then you can click on the save button to revert to an earlier version.

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