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Bulk Take Live

Now it is possible to take live at same time more than one a/b test in different pages, you will be able to deliver big changes in the design tool without to go one by one for each page.

This new feature we can separate in two moments: Preparation and Deploy


After a change is ready to be live, the developer can mark an A/B-Test as “Should go live?”


When deploying a B-Test, any user with proper permission to access Layout and Design can follow the steps below to do it.

Go to “Take Bulk Live”

Search what you want to release, could it be ticket value, query variable or value

The result will show a table with these columns


If everything is OK, the button “Release” will show and everything will go live.

If something doesn’t pass the validation, a confirm button will show displaying more details about the validations, and it will allow to “Release” if the users want to do it anyway.

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