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A Glimpse Into RebelMouse’s Custom Google Analytics Integration

Empower your strategy with actionable insights

RebelMouse has a deep integration with Google Analytics that allows you to make several high-value additions to your data right out of the box. In addition to our custom pageview methodology, driven by our Particle Assembler, we also augment your data with an array of custom dimensions and events. These additions empower you to parse your data in new ways and gain added insights into how visitors interact with your site. You can also use Google Tag Manager to enhance your data in other ways.

The first set of data we provide is in the form of custom dimensions. A dimension in Google Analytics is defined as an attribute of your data. They're qualitative rather than quantitative and help paint a better picture of your audience and the consumption of your content. Here are the custom dimensions that RebelMouse is set up to pass to Google Analytics by default:

  • Author
  • Section
  • Tags
  • Primary Tag
  • Post ID
  • Publication Date
  • Layout ID

We can also add custom dimensions for logged-in status and subscription attributes, as well as community groupings for sites that utilize the community features of our platform.

The second set of data covers event metrics that help tell the story of what actions visitors are performing on your site. Here are the default events passed into Google Analytics from RebelMouse:

  • Outgoing Links
  • Keep Reading: More/Less
  • Shares (e.g., Social, Email, etc.)

For sites that utilize HTML5 video, we can also enable interaction events (e.g., plays, watch time, etc.).

Google Analytics Events for Actions Inside Our Entry Editor

Our Google Analytics integration also includes event tracking of actions that happen inside Entry Editor. These events can help track how many writers are coming back to an article for further edits, how often a post gets updated, and how many times the post was reviewed and sent for revisions, as just a few examples.

Here's the complete list of actions we can track in Entry Editor:

  • Preview click
  • Next step click
  • Previous step click
  • Trash icon click
  • Draft icon click
  • Copy icon click
  • Schedule click
  • Cancel click
  • Unpublish click
  • Ready to Publish click
  • Send to Review click
  • Send to Revision click
  • Changes to Channels tab
  • Changes to Workflow Stages
  • Sidebar embargo click

All of this data is available to you from day one on the platform. As with the rest of our platform, we're constantly iterating our Google Analytics integration to give you better insights into what drives growth on your site. If you have any questions about our Google Analytics integration, email or contact your account manager today.

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Rebel Insights

RebelMouse Q1 2021 Platform Updates

Speed, performance, and Core Web Vitals enhancements

Click here to read our Q2 2021 platform performance updates!

At RebelMouse, we pour our souls into making sure that our platform is always the most modern, high-performance CMS on the market. In fact, we invested over $100,000 worth of hours into our platform in Q1 2021 alone. This has resulted in updates and performance enhancements that publishers would have to pay for on their own to make happen on any other platform, such as WordPress. We're proud to be at a level of scale where we can invest this way into our platform, and we will continue to invest at this rate every quarter moving forward just as we have in the past.

Here are the major updates that we've added to the platform in Q1.

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An Important Note on Site Quality From Google’s Search Expert
Rebel Insights

An Important Note on Site Quality From Google’s Search Expert

Do you ever wonder if a few typos can impact your site’s search performance? According to Google’s Search Advocate John Mueller, it takes more than just a few grammatical missteps for Google’s crawler to determine your site’s quality.

During a New Year’s Eve Office Hours hangout, Mueller said that if certain portions of a website are deemed low quality, it can negatively impact the site’s search ranking overall. A good example of this is a site that has different language versions within the same domain. If the site has a French-language version that is made up of quality content, but the English translation isn’t up to the same standard, the ranking of the French version of the site could be negatively impacted.

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