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Worldcrunch and RebelMouse Launch Partnership to Expand Multilingual Global Journalism, Registers Record Audience Growth During Ukraine Crisis

Worldcrunch and RebelMouse Launch Partnership to Expand Multilingual Global Journalism, Registers Record Audience Growth During Ukraine Crisis

Worldcrunch, the international digital news magazine, has partnered with global publishing platform RebelMouse to maximize the reach and impact of Worldcrunch’s unique multilingual coverage of the war in Ukraine.

Worldcrunch has more than doubled its traffic (+112%) over the past three months, a record audience growth since its founding a decade ago. The boost is a testament both to the rising interest in global affairs in light of the war in Ukraine and to the technology now powering its journalism.

The crisis in Ukraine, like the COVID-19 pandemic, has been a reminder of the importance of international affairs and the need to offer new ways to cover it. Founded in 2011 in Paris, Worldcrunch is the only publisher that works in partnership with dozens of top international news sources and hundreds of journalists to translate and adapt their best stories into English.

Worldcrunch has been one of the few global news startups from the past decade to have survived the turbulence of the industry, by limiting costs and diversifying its activities, while remaining true to its core mission to deliver journalism “for the international mind” to readers around the world eager to break out of their respective bubbles of nation-specific news offerings.

Working with RebelMouse, Worldcrunch is pivoting from its syndication-centered business model to a revamped strategy based around reader revenue. A new subscription offering is based around fixed, affordable pricing to build a long-term relationship with readers. RebelMouse’s state-of-the-art paywall functionality and data-driven features are key to revenue growth.

This is an emblematic story of an independent, mission-driven digital journalism company that’s in it for the long haul — and the technical partners that make it possible. “Success” in digital journalism doesn’t have to mean instant scale or tricks for going viral, but rather building a profitable and sustainable business over time that promotes quality journalism and serves the public interest.

Benjamin Sabbah, CEO Worldcrunch: “We launched in 2011 in the middle of the Arab Spring, which was another major world event that brought in lots of new readers. But the difference between having good tech and great tech is everything. The reality of digital media is that, yes, you need high-quality journalism that people want to read, but you also need your website to be super fast and extra clean. And that’s what RebelMouse has given us. If your article web page doesn’t load quickly, people won’t see your story, no matter how great your journalism is!”

Alex Leo, SVP, Product and Strategy RebelMouse: "Worldcrunch has a world-class editorial team and vision. This combined with RebelMouse's laser focus on site speed, performance, and usability, has created swift growth in traffic, loyalty, and impact. Our platform’s next-generation editorial suite, flexible design environment, and native integrations give Worldcrunch the mandatory toolbox they need to succeed when the delivery of critical storytelling matters more than ever."

About Worldcrunch

Founded in 2011, Worldcrunch is a Paris-based digital news media company that delivers exclusive, English editions of in-depth reportages and analysis from more than 40 countries and 15 languages, working with the world’s leading news organizations (Die Welt, Les Echos, La Stampa, Kommersant, Jeune Afrique, 端傳媒, El Espectador, and 25+ others) and top international journalists to identify the right stories and apply its unique system for journalistically driven translation and adaptation. Worldcrunch’s multilingual team applies its knowledge and access to the global press to track common themes and trends across the world, in pursuit of wider meaning, clarity, and connections that offer a decidedly international perspective on our world.

About RebelMouse

Founded in 2012, RebelMouse is a content management system (CMS) and creative agency that drives better traffic and conversion through stellar website performance. RebelMouse outperforms the competition on Google’s Core Web Vitals, the new standard that plays a critical role in determining any site’s success. The platform features an advanced suite of editorial tools and intuitive technology that enables publishers to unlock new growth across site, search, and social, and its holistic publishing approach makes it easy for sites to grow traffic, monetize quickly, and diversify revenue streams right after launch. RebelMouse reaches over 120 million people a month, and powers major sites like indy100, Penske Trucks, Protocol, and PAPER.


Worldcrunch: Benjamin Sabbah, CEO, Jeff Israely, Co-Founder, Editor-in-Chief

RebelMouse: Alex Leo, SVP, Product and Strategy

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