Tracking History in RebelMouse’s Layout & Design Tool

Tracking History in RebelMouse’s Layout & Design Tool

The RebelMouse Layout & Design Tool is a robust feature of our platform that allows you to create stunning designs for the front end of your website, as well as customize your own editorial experience in Entry Editor. Literally every aspect of the visual arrangement of your site is customizable.

We also keep extremely detailed logs of changes that are made to a site. This way you can have crystal-clear oversight into what changes have been made to your site and the ability to quickly jump back to previous versions.

When you make any changes in Layout & Design Tool, the system automatically logs those changes, which you can see in real time from the interface. Simply click on the Timeline button in the top navigation to open the window:

Additionally, by clicking the Full Version History button, you will be taken to the — you guessed it! — full version history view.

This interface gives you a lot of information and abilities to view the history, as well as the option to go back to older versions if you need to.

The first view that you see when you enter the full version history, is a side-by-side comparison of the live version of the page you’re editing (in code view) vs. the previously saved version. In the example above, you can see that my previous version has the detail “1 post in related section module.” That indicates that the last change that was made to this page was changing the number of posts in the module. When you save a change in Layout & Design Tool, you are required to input a brief description of the change, just for this purpose.

Checking below, you’ll see the actual code, and what and where the specific change was made. Looking again at the example above, you can see that the changed version displays the entire block that had the change in light green, with the specific change highlighted in a slightly darker green. If more changes had been made, those would all be highlighted in the darker green.

If you decide you want to revert, simply click the Restore button in the top left, and then save your changes. This will take you back to the previous version. If you wish to look farther back, simply click the downward-facing caret symbol and you’ll see additional versions:

Selecting any of the previous versions will show you all of the changes that have been made between that version and the current one.

Finally, you can also select between showing a split view instead of a unified view. This simply changes the view from the changes being side by side to being top to bottom, as shown below:

And that’s how you manage your site’s version history on RebelMouse!

If you have any questions about this feature, please contact your account manager or email to learn more.

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