NYLON Spain Launches on RebelMouse

NYLON Spain Launches on RebelMouse

RebelMouse takes great pride in its global team that's made up of digital nomads located across more than a dozen countries. We work together around time zones to perfect our always modern CMS designed specifically for the current age of search and social.

Our global and multilingual capabilities enabled us to work with NYLONMedia to digitally launch their ninth international edition in Spain. NYLON's U.S. and Español editions launched on RebelMouse in February 2019. Since then, we've seen the publication use our powerful platform to grow their reach and to support their stunning content that has been shaping pop culture since 1999. The switch to RebelMouse's CMS was so successful that it made their expansion to Spain seamless, while also providing a peek into NYLON's large future.

NYLON president Evan Luzzatto told Publishers Daily:

"We can now leverage RebelMouse's platform to share Nylon's digital content, draw market-specific insights and standardize design principles across Nylon's international partners. It enables us to unify the brand internationally while publishing content catered to each market."

Catering to new markets is an important part of NYLON's roadmap, and our holistic, full-stack publishing solution is making it easier to connect with those new opportunities. NYLON's Director of Business Development, Anne-Elise Duss, said RebelMouse has changed how they onboard partners, while also ensuring that "Nylon's core identity stays intact in new markets."

Click here to read more about NYLON Spain's launch in MediaPost.

Click here to visit NYLON Spain.

Cover image from NYLON Spain and photographed by Darío Aranyo.

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