Instagram Rolls Out New “Shop” Section

Instagram Rolls Out New “Shop” Section

Users can browse personalized product recommendations with new in-app experience

Instagram has begun to roll out its new "Shop" section in the U.S., and will make the new e-commerce feature available globally in the coming weeks. Shop is an in-app shopping experience where users can discover products and brands across the platform.

The "Shop" tab will have carousels of highlighted products available for in-app browsing, including a "Suggested for You" section that will showcase personalized recommendations based on accounts the user already follows. If you see a double-arrow icon next to a specific product, this means that it can be purchased without ever leaving the app. Right now Shop can be found through the "Explore" tab, but Instagram says it will have a permanent spot in the navigation bar later this year.

Items purchased through Shop will be powered by Facebook Pay, which is Facebook's secure payment portal used across Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. Facebook Pay offers purchase protection through biometric identifications like Face and Touch ID, as well as the option to create a PIN.

The launch of Instagram's Shop is another push in a continued effort to strengthen e-commerce efforts on both Instagram and Facebook. In May 2020, Instagram announced its launch of Shops — that's plural — which gives businesses the ability to create online storefronts. Instagram said they launched Shops to help businesses navigate disrupted commerce during the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Instagram, businesses can be featured in Shop if they consistently tag their products in their content, and create collections of products in their own Shops on Instagram.

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