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Engagement on the Rise: Why It’s Your Ticket to Loyalty

New data from Chartbeat shows engagement time is increasing despite traffic dips

Getting users to your site is only half the battle. For publishers, it’s now become more critical to focus on how long those users stay on your site — and if they ever come back. Q1 2022 data analyzed by Chartbeat found that engagement is on the rise, even though metrics like pageviews and mobile traffic experienced a decline.

Chartbeat measures engaged time by the “amount of time that readers spend actively engaging with a page — scrolling, clicking, or moving their mouse.” With this in mind, their data showed that most regions in the world registered an average of 30 seconds of engaged time on site in Q1. Readers in Latin America led the results with an average of 34.7 seconds of engaged time.

data from Chartbeat shows average reader engagement during q1 2022

Taking a look at how engaged time has increased in recent weeks, and even years, is critical because engagement builds loyalty. If you provide users with an engaging experience, they are more likely to return. It’s those repeat behaviors that create sustainable growth for your site. Chartbeat’s data from Q1 certainly confirmed this. In Northern Europe, 40% of traffic came from what Chartbeat calls “loyal readers.” A loyal reader is someone that returns to your site at least 50% of the days in a two-week period.

data from Chartbeat shows average loyal pageviews from q1 2022

How RebelMouse Builds Engagement and Loyalty

Since Chartbeat’s data shows that loyalty can account for nearly half of your traffic, it’s important to make sure that your content isn’t just resonating, but that it’s also supported by the right technology.

Here are just a few of the ways RebelMouse can help you build loyalty and engagement.

Page Performance: Many publishers are still on the fence about whether or not excellent scores on Google’s Core Web Vitals are worth the effort. They also worry that even a quality user experience won't deliver the boost in readership they need. Fortunately, our prioritization of performance at RebelMouse has given us the data to prove that Core Web Vitals are an excellent way to generate new traffic and build the user loyalty needed to have a successful business. Click here to read more on Google’s blog.

Custom Data: It’s important to clearly see how users engage with your site so that you can identify strengths and weaknesses within your user journey. RebelMouse offers unique, customizable dashboards through Google Data Studio that provide key insights into the metrics that matter most to publishers. We give our clients the ability to quickly understand the performance of their sites so that they can then make important decisions on the fly. Click here to learn more.

Distribution: Your loyal readers aren’t just on your website, which means it's important to properly engage them across multiple platforms. As publishers, you don't need to waste resources on strategizing the perfect plan for every platform. RebelMouse enables companies to succeed in a world where audiences can get easily fragmented. Click here to learn more about all of the distribution channels that easily integrate into our platform.

Holistic SEO: Another key way to improve engagement and loyalty is through content discovery, and search is the top referral traffic source in 2022. However, a modern search strategy takes a lot more to pull off these days. RebelMouse’s platform takes a holistic approach to optimizing websites for search, combining the best practices for content and technical SEO out of the box. Click here to learn more.

The data is in, and it’s never been more important to focus on the engagement and loyalty metrics that move the needle. RebelMouse can make this an easy part of your content strategy so that you can build new audiences with every publish.

Request a proposal today and let’s start working together.

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RebelMouse Q1 2021 Platform Updates

Speed, performance, and Core Web Vitals enhancements

Click here to read our Q2 2021 platform performance updates!

At RebelMouse, we pour our souls into making sure that our platform is always the most modern, high-performance CMS on the market. In fact, we invested over $100,000 worth of hours into our platform in Q1 2021 alone. This has resulted in updates and performance enhancements that publishers would have to pay for on their own to make happen on any other platform, such as WordPress. We're proud to be at a level of scale where we can invest this way into our platform, and we will continue to invest at this rate every quarter moving forward just as we have in the past.

Here are the major updates that we've added to the platform in Q1.

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RebelMouse Q1 2022 Platform Performance Updates
Rebel Insights

RebelMouse Q1 2022 Platform Performance Updates

Click here to read our Q4 2021 platform performance updates.

Click here to read our Q3 2021 platform performance updates.

Click here to read our Q2 2021 platform performance updates.

Click here to read our Q1 2021 platform performance updates.

RebelMouse started 2022 off strong with a continued commitment to site performance, particularly Google’s Core Web Vitals, that makes the sites within our network the fastest on the open web. In fact, our commitment to high performance was recognized by Google. We analyzed the audience behavior of a number of sites we power, both before and after we optimized for high performance scores on Core Web Vitals. On every site we analyzed, there was a significant boost in loyalty and engagement metrics. Click here to read the full case study on Google’s blog.

Here’s a bit more of what we’ve been up to since the start of the year:

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Worldcrunch and RebelMouse Launch Partnership to Expand Multilingual Global Journalism, Registers Record Audience Growth During Ukraine Crisis
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Worldcrunch and RebelMouse Launch Partnership to Expand Multilingual Global Journalism, Registers Record Audience Growth During Ukraine Crisis

Worldcrunch, the international digital news magazine, has partnered with global publishing platform RebelMouse to maximize the reach and impact of Worldcrunch’s unique multilingual coverage of the war in Ukraine.

Worldcrunch has more than doubled its traffic (+112%) over the past three months, a record audience growth since its founding a decade ago. The boost is a testament both to the rising interest in global affairs in light of the war in Ukraine and to the technology now powering its journalism.

The crisis in Ukraine, like the COVID-19 pandemic, has been a reminder of the importance of international affairs and the need to offer new ways to cover it. Founded in 2011 in Paris, Worldcrunch is the only publisher that works in partnership with dozens of top international news sources and hundreds of journalists to translate and adapt their best stories into English.

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