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RebelMouse vs. Contentful

Contentful was built as a developer-first platform with a "headless CMS" approach that appeals to engineers. However, what Contentful customers end up lacking is a product that solves improved page speed, pages per visit, and organic growth. Contentful gives you an API framework to work with, but leaves you with all the work of creating the site experience. As of 2019, Google is heavily penalizing hastily built experiences that result in poor page speed, as is Facebook. And page speed is crucial for reach and revenue. So if you're on Contentful, check out your page speed and then realize that you could have years of work ahead to fix the issues yourself.

RebelMouse, on the other hand, was proudly built to be a product that actually achieves the goals that CMOs, CEOs, and CIOs need their digital product to fulfill. Problems with page speed and low pages per visit? We've solved these problems for you. Looking for opportunities for editors to have a better experience? We've solved this as well.

The difference is clear when we look at the page speed scores of major brands using Contentful...


...and compare them against the scores RebelMouse clients enjoy.

United Airlines


Tomorrow Unlocked

RebelMouse only became truly developer-friendly after solving these core issues. We're still growing as a ubiquitous solution that CTOs and engineers are aware of, and we're very proud of the current CTOs and engineers that have chosen our solution to deliver far better results to their companies. Our editorial tools make editorial, audience development, and social teams efficient and savvy, thanks to our proprietary technology that's been engineered to optimize content across platforms. Likewise, our analytics tools make your CEO, CMO, and strategy teams feel happy and supported. We give them digestible data to understand and better optimize content for strategies that drive meaningful traffic. And our design tools appeal to product and revenue teams because of our next-level customization control and flexibility within site design and performance.

If you're a CTO, we want you to take credit for making life easier for your teams with the right technology. In turn, you'll have a better work-life balance and a roadmap that delivers. It's why RebelMouse is the best CMS platform you could choose to help move your company forward. Request a proposal today to learn how we can best partner together.

RebelMouse CEO: Reimagining Diversity “Starts in the Office”

Why women, minorities, and the LGBTQ+ community will restructure workplace norms

Entering a new decade means a new opportunity to change how we approach diversity. In a joint interview alongside Leanne Pittsford of Lesbians Who Tech, RebelMouse founder and CEO Andrea Breanna said that the only way to fight patriarchal dominance is to encourage and nurture more women, minorities, and members of the LGBTQ+ community in the workplace, particularly in tech.

Over half of RebelMouse's employees are women or identify as LGBTQ. Read our full diversity and inclusion report here.

Check out the full video below.

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