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New Programmatic Ad Management on RebelMouse Yields Big Results!

If you're using AdSense Auto ads or managing other forms of programmatic, you know the struggle is real. Here at RebelMouse we are always innovating, and for publishers that includes site monetization. Thanks to Google's GAM 360 MCM account tool, RebelMouse is now able to effectively optimize Google Ad Manager for our customers, and so far we're seeing amazing results!

Premier Guitar recently launched on RebelMouse, and thanks to our help with ads, well, the numbers speak for themselves:

Premier Guitar saw major increases in eCPM, impressions, and revenue in their very first week after RebelMouse optimized their GAM.

If you're interested in optimizing advertising on your site, please contact your account manager or email!

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January 2021 Platform Traffic

Our 2021 is off to a great start! πŸš€

Raw Story Sees Incredible Improvements 30 Days After Launch

Beloved internet treasure Raw Story made the RebelMouse switch. This was the impact on their traffic 30 days later:

High-Traffic Healthcare Site Sees Explosive Growth in 30 Days

A high-traffic healthcare website recently made the RebelMouse switch. Check out the growth just 30 days later. It keeps on climbing!

RebelMouse Clients Make the Most of Our High Performance Obsession

We put together a performance summary of how media websites launched on RebelMouse did in 2020. The obsession with high performance pays off!

RebelMouse Client Experiences Massive Growth on Search

A high-traffic client launched on RebelMouse at the end of December 2020. Needless to say, Google was pleased.

Total Platform Traffic in December 2020 Was πŸ”₯

2020 was a tough year for everyone. We were happy to end it on a high note that was marked by strong growth across all of our clients.

RebelMouse Client Experiences Skyrocketing Search Traffic

This client launched on RebelMouse in late 2020, and this was the impact on their search traffic. We love to see this kind of swift growth. πŸ“ˆ

Outperform the Web: RebelMouse Clients Benefit From Performance Upgrades

Check out these growth stats for a RebelMouse client who has been on our development channel testing our new performance upgrades. So much to celebrate. πŸŽ‰

ELLE Brasil Builds Organic Loyalty on RebelMouse

ELLE Brasil launched their digital property on RebelMouse, and the results have been so fun to see. They were easily able to build real organic loyalty and engagement.

RebelMouse's 2020 Growth Trajectory

RebelMouse's growth trajectory is fun to watch every year. We're a company of almost all moms and members of the LGBTQ+ community, and we're located all around the world. There are over 60 of us in 28 countries working together to make the open web faster and more efficient.

leapsmag Case Study

This is the impact of one week on RebelMouse for leapsmag. The site is a part of a site network that includes GOOD and Upworthy.

We are so proud to have their beautiful, important content on the platform and growing so fast!

From WordPress to RebelMouse: Performance Improvements Just Two Weeks After Launch

This high-performing site was previously on WordPress. The site experienced viral traffic from social content supported by programmatic ads and affiliate e-commerce revenue.

Two weeks after launching on RebelMouse, the core performance and user KPIs were pretty spectacular.

Houston CityBook: Epic Growth 30 Days After Launch

Check out Houston CityBook's growth just 30 days after launching on RebelMouse. It's normal to be fearful about replatforming to a new CMS. But when done correctly, it can create epic growth.

Programmatic Revenue Performance Test Results

RebelMouse's impact on performance doesn't just grow traffic β€” we also affect total revenue. πŸ’°

We recently performed a thorough A/B test on a very sophisticated WordPress site to see how much we could move the needle on remnant programmatic revenue. The results speak for themselves.

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