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Global Settings

In Global Settings, you can set up default colors, font family, and font size. Everything on your site will follow the fonts and color palette you establish here. While you can customize styles by page template later on, this is the default style sheet for your site.

Typekit ID: Typekit is a service provided by Adobe that offers a library of high-quality fonts. With RebelMouse, you can use Typekit to add a custom font kit to your site.

Google Fonts: Google Fonts is flexible and free. Simply type the name of your preferred font and add it. Once added, the font name automatically converts to the font style you've chosen so you can see exactly how it will look.

Text Color: This sets the main text color for your overall site.

Primary Color: This sets the color for your sections and hyperlinked content.

Primary Color Hover: This sets the color that shows up when you hover over text on your site.

Secondary Color: This sets the color for the right-rail headers.

Text Font Size: This sets the font size for main body content.

Primary Font: This sets the main font for your overall site.

Secondary Font: This sets the font for your right-rail content.

Background Color: This sets the background color for your overall site.

Site Favicon: This lets you upload the favicon you want to use for your site.

Twitter ID & Site Name: You can use this to customize your sharing experience on social with a specific Twitter handle/account.

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You're almost there! Fill out the form below and a Rebel will contact you within one business day.


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