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Slatwall Runs on RebelMouse

No Plugins or Updates Needed on the CMS That's Always Modern, Fast, Secure, and Stable

Learn more about RebelMouse, the cutting-edge CMS that achieves a 98% customer retention rate by helping site owners to stop worrying about maintaining modern technology and create growth across every channel. More than just a CMS, we can show you what it feels like to have an advanced distribution platform built on decades of media savvy, a powerful content creation experience, and a blazing-fast UX out of the box.

Page Speed

RebelMouse-powered sites see increased search rank and more pageviews thanks to 90+ Google PageSpeed scores.


Optimized performance and our Slatwall integration help you drive impressions and conversions without sacrificing UX.


Rank higher on Google organically with built-in structured data and proprietary SEO tools.


Our strategic insights help to maximize your impact across search, social, and other distribution channels, like feeds, push, and email.


Build dynamic articles with the Entry Editor that content creators and editors love to use. Intuitive layouts, powerful tools, and custom workflows in a modern editing interface.


Every article, section, and page on your site is poised for success with optimizations proven to increase time-on-site, pageviews, shares, and conversions. No more playing catch-up with technology. RebelMouse stays fast, secure, and stable, giving readers an exquisite experience for anything you publish.


Publishers on RebelMouse see immediate traffic growth and more conversions thanks to better organic reach, combined with distribution to AMP, Facebook Instant Articles, Google News, Apple News, and so much more!

Aren't You Tired? Constantly Updating and Maintaining Your Own CMS Is Exhausting

Learn more about the maintenance-free CMS that keeps you a step ahead. Migrations from most CMS platforms are quick and easy, and automatic updates from the cloud will keep your site modern, fast, and secure with zero stress.