The gaming laptop companies have updated their hardware manufactures. The building of a desktop for gaming is a very hard and hectic task to do, which requires many technicalities and care. On the other hand buying a gaming laptop is a good solution if you have a particular amount money. The gaming laptops are now not very expensive because of the immense competition in the market. When one goes out to buy a gaming laptop, there should be some key points kept in the mind. Although because of the enough competition in the market, many cheap gaming laptops are also available, but if one wants to buy a best gaming laptops under 1000 he can consider Acer V15 Nitro VN7-591G-70RT. Have a look at its features.

Striking features of 2ED gaming laptop

It has an all plastic casing and contains a metallic band. Nitro has a very catchy appearance as it is a combination of composite materials. Not only this, but the attractive color scheme makes it look more attractive and elegant. The laptop possesses a Quad core I 7 processors, including NVIDA GTX 960 and 8GB RAM. Moreover, Nitro allows a gamer to play any PC games he likes. In total, this laptop has following ports that are USB port, VGA/D port and HDMI port and Audio jack port.

Why one should consider Acer V15?

The most striking feature of this gaming laptop is its price which is $979.99. It is very hard to find so many features at this rate. The laptop contains all the advanced features, which a gamer looks for. On the other hand, a user can compare the performance and quality of this gaming laptop with any other top brand's gaming laptop. The laptop will definitely give one a good gaming session.

Compared with the best gaming laptop

Although by seeing all the features and details about Acer V15, the question comes into the mind that why this laptop is behind the top most gaming laptop and the answer to the question is that is possesses 8GB of less RAM and the slower disc. Msi-gp72 leopard pro002 on the whole, other specs of this gaming laptop are almost similar to the top gaming laptop. From the high definition display to the good audio, everything is worth buying and the gamer will love the gaming session for sure.