Torrenting fans all over the world sighed when they found the YIFY website taken down. It was just another victim in a string of recent shutdowns that have stung fans of film, movies, and music. The yify movies site had a few domains, and it was gathered by a larger group of people.

So what is going on with the YIFY name now? Most would assume that it is all over. But, that is not the case. When the Pirate Bay was shutdown, a handful of fans and people directly involved with the name saved as many resources as possible. They continued The Pirate Bay in other variations, and it still seems alive today. YIFY may be taking the same path. The domain now is YTS.AG. That is the new source for reputable YIFY content.

YIFY has gone far to make sure everything that goes live has a legitimate source. No spyware and no virus', the content from YIFY is clean. New teams (some involved with YIFY directly) have taken to saving resources, sanitizing the data, changing over the data sets, and generally protecting the information from tracking. They are releasing new content under a different name. That name is YTS. It is the closest anyone has gotten to using the YIFY sources while covering their tracks.

It seems that the YIFY name is gone and done. But, its spiritual successor will continue the tradition of clean torrents with extremely fast downloads. YIFY has always been one of the most acclaimed torrent sources on the Internet because of the breadth of content, the quality, and the rarity of any spyware issues. Content will still be released in 720, 1080, and even 3D. All content will encode at 128kbps.

At this point, the yts movies followers are everywhere. The evolution of YIFY has brought the old group down and a new group has replaced it. Any website directly affiliated with the YIFY name is no longer registered with torrent providers. Rumor has it that the MPAA is using resources and protocols from the old yify pool to gather more information that was not directly provided already.