A youth baseball team is made up of young children who are usually new to the sport. The younger the team, the less the kids will know about baseball and proper methods for hitting. Once they get into the swing of things, these kids can learn to hit properly and become familiar with the sport they are playing. By following these four little league hitting tips, any children trying to play baseball can learn how in no time.

Practice Drills

There are youth baseball hitting drills that need to be completed on a regular basis. These drills provide the practice that young kids need in order to properly learn the sport of baseball. Kids will practice tossing the ball to each other and swinging at the appropriate time to get the timing down.

Keep the Back of the Foot off the Ground

Many children struggle to remain still when learning to hit. Rather than staying in place and focusing on the ball, countless kids step forward in hopes they can make contact. A good tip for avoiding this it to tell the children to keep the back of their feet off the ground. While the front foot remains flat to the floor, the back should be raised up to keep them from going forward.

Swing Down

During T-ball, hitters are taught to swing upward, since the bat needs to make the ball swing off the tee. In regular baseball, the pitcher sits lower than the batter, meaning the ball will be coming up toward them. They will need to swing in a downward motion, rather than upward.

Experiment with Bat Sizes and Weights

When picking up different bats, people should notice that not all of them feel the same. Some bats are much heavier than others. If a child is holding a heavy bat, they may have a harder time making a hit. Experimenting with different bat sizes and weights will allow each child to find the appropriate bat for them.

By following these four little league hitting tips, children of all ages can learn how to play this popular sport. Proper techniques can be taught so each kid knows exactly how to hit, and how to make the ball go flying. Practice makes perfect, so the only way for them to learn is to have them try, and try again.