Employers are always looking for methods to bring their employee base together. If they can foster a feeling of friendship between their employees, it is assumed that they will work more closely with one another back at their place of business. People who otherwise do not speak to each other, have a chance to get to know each other on a more personal level. Instead of discussing work related details, everyone can now be seen as an individual.

One way to get everyone together is to organize a field trip away from the office or place of business. This can occur during a weekend or holiday when everyone has been given the day off from work. When the trip involves something fun or interesting, it is more likely that it will be well attended. A trip in a hummer is one way to arouse attention in employees that believe they have seen and experienced it all. In addition to a day in the country, a drive to the many yarra valley wineries in the area is the perfect way to cap off this off-site event.

The day-trip begins with a chauffeur driven hummer picking everyone up at a centrally located venue. A good idea is to have attendees leave their cars at work, and have the driver meet everyone there. Once the yarra valley winery tour has begun, the passengers only need admire the view from large picture windows. An assortment of snacks is provided for the trip, and passengers can choose any music they would like to hear along the route.

The tour will take them to several wineries, all independently own and operated. Many of these family-run wineries have been in this geographic region for a number of years. In addition to offering innovative way tasting events, they serve homemade foods and luscious desserts. There can be no finer lunch served in any restaurant, featuring wines that come straight from the vine.

To learn more about these tours, visit the web pages of mrhummerwinerytours.com.au. This company routinely provides hummers and limousines for all types of groups. Corporate functions, family parties and weddings are just some of the many ways they serve the community.