The Founders of Wreaths Across America created a unique company that sells balsam products for the holidays. Not only are these items unique, but they are also each handmade. Like the name suggests, wreaths are the main items sold from Worcester, but there are other gift ideas that can be utilized as well. There are five gift ideas found from Worcester Wreath.

Christmas Wreaths

The primary seller from Worcester is christmas wreaths. For Wreaths Across America, the company provides these wreaths to military men and women overseas, to provide them with a piece of Christmas. The "Let Freedom Ring" wreath is the best option to give our heroes, since it contains bells and flags to show support.Traditional options are available as well.

Make Your Own Christmas Wreath Kit

One unique gift idea that is available is a make your own Christmas wreath kit. The kit provides everything one needs to create a uniquely designed wreath that can proudly be placed on the door for Christmas. It is a fun activity for a family to complete together.

5 Candle Centerpiece

Most people remember to buy decorations for their tree and door. What many often forget is something for their table. A centerpiece makes a great gift option for those who enjoy Christmas and decorating during the season. Worcester offers a 5 candle centerpiece that is simply gorgeous.

Tabletop Trees

When decorating for Christmas, people typically put up a large tree for presents to go under. A tree can also be used as decoration, however, when purchased in miniature size. Tabletop trees are available for purchase, each of which come fully decorated and designed. There are trees with red ribbons, trees that light up, and trees decorated with acorns and flowers. Each resemble a real-life model.


Smellorations are available to add the smell of fresh balsam to a home. These decorations are shaped like stockings and mittens, and offer the smell of a real Christmas tree. This means even with an artificial tree in the house, residents get to experience the smell of a real tree. These smellorations can even be placed in a vehicle and used as a car freshener.

Unique Christmas gifts are often hard to find, but people no longer have to search thanks to the help of the Worcester Wreath Company. With so many unique gifts to choose from, each person can find the right gift to give their loved ones. To find smellorations, tabletop trees, and the rest of the gifts on this list, visit