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The Traffic Backdoor by Mark Thompson & Commission Checklist

Hi guys 'n girls. I just wanted to share something with you that i've came across a few days ago. It's a new product that has been developed by Mark Thompson. The product is called Traffic Backdoor and helps people to get more targeted traffic to their website (might be interesting for internet marketer). So, instead of focusing on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) only, you could combine both strategys to one, using Mark Thompsons Traffic Backdoor aswell as SEO.

What Does Mark Say About His Product?

Mark says that using the authority and following from those "big boys" in different niches is one of the best way to get targeted traffic instantly. Those methods include using social platform websites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and more. 

While digging around i found a great video from a guy who's called Thomas who owns a Affiliate Marketing Training Blog. I've attached the video above so you can take a look at it (I loved it :))

If you would like to gather more informations, make sure to check back regulary as i will publish more informations about traffic backdoor. The link to the video can be found here: Traffic Backdoor Review.

While i was checking out TheHumbleMarketer Website by Thomas & Andre, i also came across another product that caught my attention. The product i am talking about is Commission Checklist by Ross Carrell.

What Commission Checklist claims so (related to far is that it can help you to become one of those so called Super Affiliates. Ross show's his students exactly how he's been able to make more then 5 figures in affiliate commission per month. This seem's too good to be true.

I will keep you updated on both products, so make sure to regulary take a look at my blog.

Talk to you soon

WP Profit Magnet Bonuses - Exclusive and LIMITED

Visit for our amazing and exclusive bonuses! 

For the simple reason that WP Profit Magnet doesnt come together with SEO coaching, we decided to put together our knowledge on how to dominate page #1 while doing launch jacking. The proof is in the putting!

Make sure to act fast and take a look at our official website to qualify for our bonuses!


Chances are, if you are searching for WP Profit Magnet, or WP Profit Magnet Reviews, you've came across one of our websites!

Thats because we are the #1 resource for informations about WP Profit Magnet!

What Exactly Is WP Profit Magnet?

So, we've been able to have a look at Peter Garetys WP Profit Magnet Preview, aswell as the review copy, and what we have to say is that WP Profit Magnet is definitely worth it.

If you are looking for ways to

- Create High Converting Offer Pages

- Create Nice Looking Pages Without Graphic Design Skills

- Increase your profits with your affiliate website/blog..

...then Profit Magnet is definitely worth to take a look at. For more informations take a look at the offical Website!

WP Profit Magnet Review

Did you already took a look at the official MOZ page?..Yes, it's well designed with those nice looking offer-widgets on the bottom of the page. This is exactly what Profit Magnet can do for you.

Check out Peters example website below:

The steps to create those offer-wall pages are easy and simple. There are no technical skills required. After you've setup this plugin on your wordpress site, it is similar to creating a new page on your blog.

 You can chose your color, headline, sub-headline and even put in your own video, which can be used to presell people about your promotions. Make also sure to have a featured image set for your offer-wall.

When you've created your offer-wall, you can add the actual offers that you would like to promote. People would be thinking about internet marketing offers or SEO offers...

But to be honest, you can also use WP Profit Magnet to promote weightloss, dating, relationship or any other products! There's no limitation!

Inside the actual offer-TAB you are able to insert your product image or eBook image that you would like to promote. Headline, Sub Headline, Call To Action aswell as Button Colors are totally customizable. You can also change the button text within the tab itself.

What Do We Know So Far About WP Profit Magnet?
Hello and welcome to our site. What we want to do is to share all the informations with you that we have gathered about "WP Profit Magnet".

As you can see there are lots of Review Videos out there, but the product hasnt been published yet. Wierd, duh?

Those peoples simply want to sell something to you without reviewing the actual product.
So, all informations that we've gathered so far is:

WP Profit Magnet is going go be published by David Garety.

WP Profit Magnet will be a Wordpress Plugin, something about how to increase profits

..Its going to be launched in January..

Those informations is EVERYTHING (don't let you fool by anyone other or those fake videos) that you can pick up right now. Please make sure to check back later to get more informations.
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