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I'm an Indian man who has resided in Delhi and now live in the US.
The incident of rape in Delhi sadly isn't new, but the brutality and social location (middle class Delhi) made it a media sensation. I, like many of my fellow upper middle class Indian males, have been shocked and disgusted by the events. More so, I suspect, we are horrified and embarrassed that we have in some way perpetrated the prevalent misogyny. We either have innocently behaved, condoned, or not condemned such behavior in the past. I for one have that sense of guilt.

However, the brutality of the incident raised another question in my mind - the lack of respect meted out by the middle class on to the underclass, and the possible rage resulting in such brutality. All over Delhi the underclass and poor are personally and systemically abused. Each time I have gone back, the abuse seems to be greater. While violence against women in India has socio-cultural roots, I feel the brutality here is an indication of the widening gap between the haves and have-nots in Urban India. I am concerned whatever patriarchal / populist solutions that result from this horrific incident may further add fuel to the underlying rage of income and social discrimination between the middle and under class urban populace.

As an Asian female, I felt most unsafe in Bangkok, Thailand.
Mistaken for a prostitute (despite the camera hanging around my neck) by Europeans and Australians, never before had I experienced such mocking and outright groping and grabbing. It was a horrific experience which had me yelling obscenities -- and made me grateful for the protections I have experienced throughout the United States. It was also eye opening as these same Europeans would never have treated me the same way back in their home countries.

Michele Cho via email
Irish government admits role in forced labor of women and girls
The Irish government has acknowledged that it played a major role in running the infamous Magdalene Laundries. Thousands of women and girls were locked up against their will, and forced to perform unpaid labor in workhouses managed by Catholic nuns. The popular notion was that many were prostitutes or unwed mothers. PRI's The World anchor Marco Werman speaks with Mary Fenton who was just 16 when she was sent to the Magdalene Laundries.
Feeling Guilty: An Indian-American Man on the Treatment of Indian Women

We asked listeners to contribute their thoughts about the six men accused of raping and murdering a woman on a bus in India. We received a comment from an Indian-American man about the story. Bharat Singh wrote to us that upper middle class Indian males had “either innocently behaved, condoned, or not condemned such behavior in the past.” He speaks with anchor Marco Werman about the collective guilt felt by Indian men over this tragic case.

For men, what have you observed since the protests in Delhi began? Tweet with the hashtag #worldgender or send us an email.

I have lived in various states in the U.S., Canada, France, Morocco, Kenya.
I have never felt as unsafe as I did in Fez, Morocco. I traveled there with a friend and we had to cut the trip short by several days because over the period of two days that we were there, groups of young men followed us wherever we went, hooted and called out to us, harassed us as we tried to eat at cafes, touched our hair, and actually followed us into our hotel.

Monica M. Kim via email
This would only protect women against male taxi drivers

and has the unsavory reek of 'all male taxi drivers without exception will rape you'. Females are capable of being just as predatory...

I think a better solution would be to have stricter requirements in order to be able to work as a taxi driver at all. Background checks, drug tests, perhaps some sensitivity training before drivers are even allowed to drive, better methods for clients to provide feedback to the driver's boss etc. I know even that's not perfect (no solution is) but it may help weed out the few that are causing the problems.

-"Trepan" comments on "Women form special cab service in Delhi -- catering exclusively to women" on Reddit

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