There are several software packages and services offered to businesses from many different sources. Standard software is inexpensive, but many not save a business money. Users have to try to figure out how to make programs fit their needs, and seldom get the full benefit of the product. Time and money is wasted on trial and error, duplication of information, and making do with a product that does not suit all the needs. Customized software created from the bottom up to suit every need can be very time consuming and very expensive. Designers have to develop platforms, applications, and systems. Technicians have to install it all and integrate it with existing equipment. Training is complicated and lengthy.

There is a cost-effective alternative that can save businesses time and money. Customized software and services that is personalized to suit any business across industries can be delivered on a subscription basis. Businesses utilize only the software and back office support services they need, so time and money savings are realized almost immediately. A business with a mobile workforce, for example, can streamline practices with field service management software. That includes a web portal, JobLogic Mobile for connections and communications, and work in progress reporting. Professionals at multiple locations and job sites can input information, such as notes, risk assessment forms, and supplies needed. They can also collaborate and conference with each other to facilitate problem solving or trouble shooting in real time.

Scheduling jobs, assigning tasks, managing workers, and keeping track of sub contractor orders and services can be quick and easy with workforce management software. Office management, billing rates, and multiple invoice options are also available. Those services save time, and can eliminate overhead costs. Stock control, inventory management and ordering, customer database, and location information can all be organized and accessed in a timely manner with service management software. Software and services can be mixed and matched in combination to suit specific business needs.

Training is included in the purchase of any software. Training can be conducted in a state-of-the-art facility in Birmingham, or at the business location. The scheduling for training is flexible so can be done to accommodate any business hours. That can include half day sessions, full day sessions, training for new employees, and refresher courses for all employees. Whether the business can benefit from field service management software, other software, or back support services, it will save time and money with streamlined processes.