Modern web design services are going beyond the traditional design and code process of the past. Design firms have become more intelligent and insightful in the web design approach. This is largely due to the emergence of Web 2.0 and the increased online competition for search engine rankings. Sitecats is a web design firm that offers multiple levels of service, from basic design to full content creation. Standard services for individuals or businesses that need to develop a web presence include a free consultation, designing the look and feel of the site, determining and arranging the site's content, testing the proposed site, and officially launching the web site.

The web design Lansdale process entails several steps. A web design consultant needs to work with the individual or the organization's representative to determine how the web site should look. In some cases, a web design firm will have the ability to host the web site on the firm's own servers. This can save time and frustration for those with low or no technical resources. Although having a web site firm host, your web site could increase the amount of money you will pay the firm, it could also help you streamline your overall costs. In some cases, it is more expensive to purchase your own server equipment and the software needed to keep those servers operational. You will also have to cover maintenance costs, which is an expense that is built into the hosting fee.

Since web sites have become more complex, Lansdale web design firms can help structure how the site will function and what content it will contain. Compared to a basic site, a more complex site will contain multiple pages, interactive tools, e-commerce features, and personalization options. In contrast, a basic web site includes up to five integrated pages, one contact form for visitors, one eye-catching piece of content, and simplistic content designed to draw the reader in. Basic web sites are more suited for those who are just starting to get their feet wet with establishing an online presence. It would also make more sense for an individual or organization to use a basic design if the goal of the web site is primarily informative.

Lansdale web design firms assist others with the development, design, and launch of various types of web sites. Full content writing and blogging services are available for individuals and organizations that do not have the time to constantly update their sites. The process of developing a web site with a design firm takes coordination and cooperation between those that have the creative vision and Joomla to WordPress conversion those who have the skills to execute the vision. If your firm lacks technical know-how and resources, it is possible to have a web firm secure a domain name and host your site.