Keep a few principles in mind when shopping for those who enjoy smoking pipes. This is an elegant experience for connoisseurs of tobacco products. Since pipe smokers have to invest more into their hobby than those who just buy a pack of cigarettes, they want to enjoy the full experience. The pipes used for smoking are also more than just a device for delivering the essence of tobacco, but are often works of art, or at least a means of self-expression.

The first item a pipe smoker will want to invest in is a quality pipe. The range of tobacco pipes on the market is impressive and there is something that will satisfy everyone's desire for form and function. Even the range of materials is impressive and learning about each one will help a smoker make the right choice for their first pipe. Some of the first choices for those who want to try smoking with a pipe are made of wood. Generally, entry level pipes made of wood are some of the least expensive and adaptable of the products on the market. They usually have the advantage of a removable mouth piece that is interchangeable and easily replaceable. However, the choice of wood can cause the price of the pipe to rise drastically. A pipe made from briarwood will be significantly more expensive than a plain pipe, but it will last longer and adds quite a bit more style.

Some of these wood smoking pipes have intricate carving and decorations that make them very attractive when they are on display. Taking care of all wood pipes will help them last longer so it is important to learn the basics. New pipes take some time to develop a protective layer of ash and tar on the inside of the bowl, so it is essential to avoid excess heat and direct flame with new pipes.

This is not as much of an issue with stone pipes, but they can be vulnerable to cracking from high heat. The amount of soot that gathers in a pipe will also affect the taste of the tobacco, so some cleaning is necessary. A balance between the protective layer and build-up needs to be reached to offer the best pipe smoking experience.