Cooking can be time-consuming enough without having to search all over the kitchen for the items you need. While getting all the drawers in a kitchen properly organized can take some time and effort, it'll be worth it the next time you go to cook and can easily find everything necessary.

1. Figure Out What You Have

It isn't possible to effectively organize the kitchen drawers without knowing what they contain and where. One method for figuring this out is to use a series of sticky notes, one for each type of item, to label the drawers with their contents. Another way is just to dump everything out on an empty counter so it's all visible at once, which works best for those that have time to complete the whole organizational task in one sitting.

2. Sort It Out

Next, group like items or items that are used together each in their own place. With the sticky note system, this could mean moving around the sticky notes rather than the items themselves to figure out how the items should be grouped in the drawers.

3. Weed Out Unnecessary Items

Take a good look at the items from the drawers, and weed out any that aren't necessary. This means tossing broken items and pulling aside doubles or items that are never really used to sell, donate or give away. People don't really need multiple vegetable peelers, for example, and may not really be using that mango pitter often enough to make it worthwhile to give it valuable drawer space. Items that aren't used in the kitchen should find new homes in the rooms where they're actually used.

4. Organize It

Once the extra stuff is gotten out of the way, it's time to figure out an organizational system for the items that are left. This could mean checking out a company that makes custom drawer organizers, such as Drawer Essentials, to find some drawer inserts that will help keep items from quickly becoming jumbled up and difficult to find. This type of wooden drawer organizers can help organize spices, silverware, cutlery and other kitchen tools.

5. Refill the Drawers

After any organizational systems or inserts are put into place, it's time to fill the drawers back up with the newly sorted out items. Consider where they are used, and try to put items in the drawers that are near where they are used or put more commonly used items in the drawers that are most convenient and rarely used items in the less convenient drawers.