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The Most Popular Fitness Program by John Barban That Works

Since starting the John Barban's Venus Factor diet and fitness program, I've missed one day because I hurt a muscle going into the reverse lunge too quickly the first time I did them. I'm learning and adjusting. I do all of the workouts at home. I'm one of those people who doesn't feel comfortable at gyms. But I've been buying and setting up a little workout room, and I really love that I can "hit the gym" anytime within minutes. This does work for me.

I rarely have time for breakfast. The program is so simple (not easy). I'm using MYFitnessPal to help keep track of my calories. I am measuring and weighing most everything still because I feel better doing that.

Two reasons: First because I've been so tired for so long. Partly, I'm sure, due to weight, and probably also due to depression. The second reason was that I felt I had to get going first, and see some results before I was feeling motivated to get moving. The first time I worked out… YIKES! I was so sore for days. I could barely sit down on the toilet…lol. But, three days after my first time I did the second workout. I've been slowly working my way through the podcasts, and I'm learning so much from them, this program is not a scam. I deeply recommend them to anyone who hasn't been listening to them, especially the ones on emotional eating. I certainly fall into that category. I had a relationship fall apart three years ago, and everyone knows that can be hard. But he made it even worse by saying horrible things about me I decided I wanted to be fat and gross so no one would ever look at me again. I wanted to hide from the world, and I have been.

But this is dumb. I'm not living my life. I'm just getting through my life. Being overweight is not just aesthetically unpleasing, it's painful. My knees hurt, my ankles hurt, and my back hurts. Not only with the weight, but also the tools to feel happy with me, and not what I think others see in me.

GF Post - Venus Factor Reviews

There are a number of websites that are offering information on the Venus Factor diet by John Barban, what are VF diet side effects and where to find Venus Factor recipes. Many of them are based on pure science and facts, others are based on opinions and first hand experiences. The problem is, many of the arguments for and against the diet are completely opposite, so it is hard to find out which is actually true.

One of the first arguments that is put forward when trying to provide an answer to the question is it really safe is this: through the program, dieters take in only a very limited amount of calories daily, thus the body does not get enough energy each day, and the participants become weak, suffer from hunger, and their muscle tissue might degrade. On top of that, it is not recommended to exercise, since the energy intake is so low.

It is a valid point, however, the so-called specialists that provide these arguments miss one important factor. The recipes are never supposed to be used without taking the approved injection or hormone drops. When a person takes this hormone, it enables the fat cells of his body to open up and release the fat, providing the person with about 2,000 extra calories each day. This is the secret behind the whole process – fat cells activate, release the stored fat and you lose weight fast.

Some people who are against this diet perfectly understand that using hormone drops is essential, but they do not understand its purpose. Some think, that injection helps avoid the hunger feeling. Although the final result is not feeling hungry, the actual purpose of the using hormone injections together with diet recipes is to activate the fat release from your cells, so this argument has no ground whatsoever.

Secondly, when people ask, is the VF really safe, the answer no is followed by the argument that it cannot be safe since it is very hard to keep preparing foods by low-calorie over longer time, because the food range is so limited. Many people say, that participants can not follow the strict rules of the diet and often start cheating. That is, they eat foods that are not allowed by the HCG diet protocol and this stops the weight loss process or even makes the body accumulate more fat. On top of that, it is very psychologically challenging to fight with yourself and avoid the food you like most.

This might be true, but many diets have the same principle. This is logical – if you were eating healthy food, you wouldn't need to be on a diet in the first place. This leads to a conclusion, that the food you crave most is most likely unhealthy. So in this case asking yourself is like asking is eating healthy really safe. Check out my healthy eating Tumbler blog.

Another problem with John Barban's program is that sometimes, after finishing the diet and preparing food other than , dieters not only gain the lost pounds back, but they actually end up having more weight than before. Maybe this isn't really a safety issue, but some people might turn this around and say that one of the side effects is that it leads to other diseases, since you gain even more weight. The system is supposed to not only fight obesity in the general sense, but also teach the participants to adapt a healthy lifestyle after the program period is over. Failing to do so might lead to such side effects as gaining weight and other diseases, since changing the way your body works over and over again is obviously not healthy.

How to Create Best Leptin Diet Food List

Every day more and more people around the globe are fighting obesity. After unsuccessfully trying exhausting exercises, dangerous pills and risky surgeries, most of them tend to give up. Dieters have a very limited product range, which limits the choice of meals they can make. However, there are some very simple ways how you can find best leptin food recipes without much effort.

Firstly, there are three key principles one must remember. First, when choosing new leptin recipes, one must always observe the protocol. It can be found in John Barban's book The Venus Factor, as well as in many websites all over the Internet. Some of the main principles of a leptin diet are that the participants have to limit their calorie intake to 500 calories per day. (An average American consumes about 4,270 calories per day, according to USDA General Survey), they must consume low-fat food and avoid various products, such as fast food. It is highly recommended to read the book VF for everyone who wants to start on a weight loss plan. You will not only find the approved food list there but also items that you can put on you personalized weight loss menu.

It might seem shocking at first, but in the reality, you will not feel hunger while eating meals from the recipes because due to leptin resistance, the fat that is stored in your body will be released during this period and used as a supplement to your nutrition. Thus, you will lose weight very fast.

Second, one must remember to drink lots and lots of water. It is one of the most important things to keep in mind if you want to achieve best results. Apparently, most of the meal plans don't mention drinking water separately, but you should know how to count correctly the amount of water you should drink. For example, you should drink 80 ounces of water if you weigh 160 pounds. It might even be more than you usually drink, but this is vital.


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What is eDiet and Does it Work?

Losing weight has become extremely important in today's time, especially because everyone wants to have a good personality. However, it is also a bitter truth that losing weight is not simple at all. In the call for awareness to maintain good health and have a good body posture, many people became increasingly conscious and, therefore, the rise of number of diet programs and pills on the Internet is very evident. eDiets is one of the most impressive online weight loss programs that is directed towards people intending to lose weight in an effective way.

eDiets has been considered quite synonymous with effective weight loss now. Though millions of people are aware of this diet program, but just in case you have never heard about it, here is the short eDiets review for you.

Weekly low-cost program
If you want to lose weight quickly and ensure that even after the program gets over, you do not regain the weight, then eDiets is the best solution for you. All you need to do is subscribe for its program at extremely low cost. At such phenomenal price what you will get is skillful advice and help, weight loss and nutrition programs and systems, informative articles, fitness programs and much more!

Personalized programs
Another good thing about eDiets program is that it is tailor-made specifically for you. Obviously every person has a different body. What works for you might not work for another. The programs which regularly apply for everyone are not sufficient in most of the cases. Hence when you fill up the application with eDiets, you are asked to give out the things that you need so that the experts can customize the program for you correctly. This includes your requirements, preferences, and dislikes as well as your lifestyle.

Variety of plans
eDiets offers an array of programs. There are 25 separate plans that can be chosen from. These fast plans include a range of things such as Mediterranean diet, Heart Smart plan, vegetarian plan, low diet plan, the Mayo Clinic plan and many more. So you can clearly see that there are a lot of plans, and you can choose from among these plans easily.

In a nutshell
If you are someone who is really committed to losing weight effectively, then it is out of question that you won't achieve the goals with eDiets. It is indeed very cheap and focuses on all aspects of weight loss ranging from diet to exercise and expert advice!

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The Venus Factor, aside from providing me with the necessary steps to changing my eating, also taught me that extra weight doesn't just disappear overnight. This isn't a "diet" the way you are familiar with. It's a lifestyle change, and its entire goal is to help you get healthy, lose the weight you need to and keep that weight off. That is something that most other regimes can't offer because they rely on a constant stream of "yo-yours" who come back time and time again.

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