Deciding to learn how to play tennis means spending some time and money finding the right resources for the game. Along with investing in a good starter racquet, it pays to think about the right type of tennis apparel for those lessons and first matches. Here are some tips that will come in handy as the novice player begins to weight different options.

The Fit

Ideally, the tennis apparel chosen will not restrict movement in any way. Tennis is a sport that requires the ability to move quickly and freely. Opt for shorts and some sort of top that does not bind around the arms or the torso. While it is fine to want the items to be somewhat fitted, make sure that it is possible to bend, stretch, and turn without the clothing inhibiting the range of motion.

The Color

While there is always the option of going with the traditional white shorts and top, remember that the goal is to be comfortable while playing. During warmer weather, it may be a good idea to choose apparel in a darker hue. Doing so will make it easier to retain body heat. If the weather is warmer, opting for a light color that helps to reflect the heat of the sun rather than soak it in is the best possible solution.

The Material

Opt for material that allows the skin to breathe. If the material also has wicking properties that help to life perspiration away from the skin, that is all the better. Avoid any material that tends to hold the moisture close to the skin and creates a barrier between the air and the pores. A professional can recommend materials that will produce the desired result.

The Footwear

No discussion of apparel for women's tennis clothing is complete without addressing footwear. Like the shorts and top, the socks must also be made of material that helps to wick away the moisture and keep the feet relatively dry. The choice of shoes must provide a comfortable level of cushioning in order to alleviate tension on the feet and legs. For the general construction and fit of the shoe, make sure the design includes a snug fit that does not bind the toes. An ideal fit ensure the shoes stay in place but make it very easy to manage the quick movement required during a tennis game.

For new players who want to look closely at some apparel options, visit here and check out what DUC Sport has to offer. Compare sizes, styles, colors, and other essentials closely before making a purchase. Doing so will ensure that it will be easy to concentrate on mastering the game and still look great on the court.