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nyprarchives: Now Available at! The New York Public...


Now Available at!

The New York Public Radio Archives is pleased to announcethe complete digitization and web presentation of the first installment of The Douglas P. CooperDistinguished Contemporaries Interviews.

These sixty rare interviews (1967—1974) include influentialauthors, statesmen, artists, musicians, journalists, sports figures and otherswho have left their mark on our history and culture.

Among the interviewees presented are Andy Warhol, Dr. JonasSalk, Salvador Dalí, W. H. Auden, Mickey Rooney, Jean Kerr, James A. Michener,Benny Goodman, Wernher von Braun, James Mason, Norman Rockwell, B. F. Skinner,Roberta Peters, W. Averell Harriman, Richard Rodgers, Milton Friedman, WalterCronkite, Arthur Hailey, and Dr. Benjamin Spock.

Guests of this syndicated radio and libraries’ collectionwere the recipients of some of the most prestigious awards, including the Medalof Freedom, Congressional Gold Medal, Nobel Prize, Pulitzer Prize, AcademyAward, Emmy, Grammy, Tony, Golden Globe, Priestley Medal, Peabody Award,Olympic Gold Medal, Tennis Grand Slam, etc.

The second and final installment of this collection will bepresented later this year. The acquisition of this collection was made possibleby the generous support and assistance of Douglas P. Cooper and Sherwin B.Harris, III.

The Big Winners and Losers in the Aftermath of Superstorm Sandy

Laura Sullivan, NPR News investigative correspondent, discusses a joint investigation between NPR and the PBS documentary series FRONTLINE, which reveals that private insurance companies made hundreds of millions of dollars administering claims for the government after Superstorm Sandy.

"The takeaway from this story is at a time when tens of thousands of people were out of their homes and suffering after Sandy, the private insurance companies walked away with $400 million in profit in the wake of Sandy," Sullivan said. "It's difficult to understand how they could of made so much profit at a time when so many people were saying they were underpaid by those same companies."

Sullivan said since the documentary about her investigation, "The Business of Disaster," was released, the Federal Emergency Management Agency announced sweeping changes to the federal flood program, including the reevaluation of their contracts with private insurance companies and looking into the profit margins these companies are making.  

→ Watch the trailer: 


→ Watch the entire film here: The FRONTLINE/NPR documentary is called "The Business of Disaster."

Looking for something to do this weekend? You OTTER visit WSC’s...

Looking for something to do this weekend? You OTTER visit WSC’s Prospect Park Zoo!

The zoo’s North American river otter pup (Lontra canadensis) was born back in February – on Valentine’s Day, actually – but is now old enough to come out of his den and meet the public at the Prospect Park Zoo’s Discovery Trail!

According to the Wildlife Conservation Society, river otters are born toothless with closed eyes and stay with their mom in the den until they can develop further and learn to eat solid food. 

The little pup is part of the Species Survival Program, designed to keep the gene pools in zoos diverse. 

photo: Julie Larsen Maher

In 2000, there were 1,394 Section 8 voucher households in...

In 2000, there were 1,394 Section 8 voucher households in Williamsburg’s nine census tracts where 40% or more of the population over 5 years old spoke Yiddish at home. By 2014, there were 12 such tracts housing 3,296 voucher households.

In Part 2 of our series on Section 8 in New York City, WNYC reporter Cindy Rodriguez and freelance investigative reporter Lisa Riordan Seville look at how Section 8 has helped the Hasidic community grow in Williamsburg.

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