Why We’re Shutting Down the Free RebelMouse Product

I wanted to take a moment personally as founder and CEO to explain our decision in shutting down our free product at RebelMouse. Those who understand us well know that RebelMouse is a company obsessed with distribution.

Before I started RebelMouse, I was the CTO for Huffington Post where we created a platform that gave editors and writers at HuffPost an advantage over their peers. Our goal at RebelMouse from the start was to build the next generation platform that could be used by any company to not only publish, but to understand distribution and audience with every story.

Our free product was the first version of working with social APIs at scale to be able to analyze and understand content and its importance, and to begin building the links that would make a website social. It's launch went viral. Over 9 million profiles have been created that have become people's bios, social walls, and campaign pages.

But these pages rarely went viral of themselves. Our mission has always been to help the users of our software spread, go viral or reach the small but perfect audience they were seeking.

So, we dug deeper, focusing on our cultural obsession with distribution.

We built Rebel Roar, our full blown DCMS (Distributed CMS for building cross-platform properties) and now proudly reach hundreds of millions on social and serve 90 million plus PVs on the social websites that link these properties. The Dodo, built on our platform was recently the 5th largest publisher on Facebook.

We work very closely with a very small group of partner/clients to build incredible experiences and be early movers on new products from the social network giants. There are very few teams in the world that have our track record for putting up the biggest properties in the world, and we will never stop putting more up there. Rebel Roar will forever be a part of RebelMouse as a small group of elite clients who understand content at the highest level - like The Dodo, whose team is brilliant.

We saw an opportunity to take what we've learned from Rebel Roar and provide a low cost, scalable version that could be deployed on-the-fly. That is Rebel Runner, which is now launched with a small group of awesome companies, but soon will be released so you can sign up for it and launch a new site with a few clicks. Ads management integrated, distribution/virality tools integrated, data at every layer, and simple for you to launch. Runners pull content in from anything - hashtags, social accounts, RSS, WordPress imports, etc. And Runners push content out to everywhere - Facebook Instant articles, emails, apps, Google News, Apple News, JSON, RSS, APIs.

As fancy, awesome and tricked out as our DCMS is, we saw an opportunity to provide the kernel of our social distribution tools as a product that could snap into any website. This is the product we call Rebel Discovery, which can be deployed into any existing site and works for anyone who wants their content to reach its maximum audience and has a Facebook page.

There is a passion at RebelMouse for helping companies and creators through a time of massive change. Everything has changed in media, content, marketing, and advertising -- and it changed overnight.

RebelMouse is going to be here through the decades of change ahead, a partner like Switzerland between the social media giants and wars, that is on your side to help you punch above your weight.

For those of our early users of the free product, we have special grandfather pricing to make it possible for those of you do have small budgets and companies to continue with us. We promise to over deliver on the value.

I thank you personally for having used the software that we built, and I hope very much to find ways to work on projects with no budgets but are just acts of creation like the ones we saw flourish on the platform. We're going to do that when you can bloom a distributed property with no budget, so that if or when free comes back to RebelMouse, you will be able to see the more real and full capacity we have been building.

Please join us in the real journey RebelMouse is on. Please talk to us about this as well, email us at free@rebelmouse.com

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