The RebelMouse DCMS

The groundbreaking platform where easy content management meets seamless distribution.

Features & Functionality

* Indicates premium platform features only available for Roar properties

Enterprise Entry Editor

Enjoy unlimited access to our powerful entry editor, where editorial teams and community members can leverage a full range of enterprise tools to efficiently create content.

Media Asset Uploader

Seamlessly curate and embed third-party media from sources such as Giphy, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo with the media asset uploader.

Social Curation Suite

Dynamically curate content from all major social networks and platforms.

Multiple Content Formats

Create rich-media content in multiple styles and formats: articles, posts, videos, GIFs, memes, listicles, photo slideshows, quizzes, polls, etc., All formats are optimized to render beautifully and perform well across all devices, distribution platforms, and social networks.

Digital Asset Manager (DAM)

Leverage a centralized, digital asset manager (DAM) that hosts and organizes all of your property’s digital assets. including images, videos, and GIFs.

Content Staging and Approval Workflows

Streamline your team’s editorial process with configurable content staging approval workflows and personalized notifications.

Search & Social Meta Tagging

Easily manage article tags and tag pages to optimize your property’s tagging and SEO.

Responsive Designs and Layouts

Site and content modules are fully responsive across all devices, platforms, and networks.

Content Versioning and Commenting

View all previous content edits and leverage tools to facilitate internal collaboration.

*Contributor Network

Enable, moderate, and foster a contributor network, empowering individual contributors with access to create content with the entry editor.

Call-To-Action (CTA) Widget

Custom Calls To Action (CTAs) -- polls, photo tools, petitions, email acquisition, community sign-ups are easy to create and integrate within a property and/or article page.

Auto Publish

Dynamically publish content into relevant sections and page layouts within the property.

*Multi-Site Domain Functionality

Create and publish content to multiple domains from one single backend CMS.

Publishing Calendar

Schedule content to be published on a specified date and time of day, with all scheduled posts viewable and configurable within the editorial dashboard.

*Personalization Tools

Personalize your property’s content experience for end-users.

Facebook Instant Articles

Leverage custom-built editing tools and settings to natively publish your best content using Facebook’s Instant Articles format.

Intelligent Social Sharing

Leverage optimized share bar and buttons that dynamically reconfigure, based on the visitor’s referral source.

*Community Amplification

Activate personalized content streams for your site subscribers.

Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

All content is compatible with Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) format.

Email Newsletters

Easily configure email newsletters to your subscribers with top-performing content.

*Mobile Apps

Extend your digital property to include a native mobile app.

Social Publishing Suite

Schedule and distribute content directly to your owned social media accounts, with the perfect Facebook Post and/or Tweet, using our social publishing suite.

Content API

Distribute content from a RebelMouse-powered property to another property through an API and/or JSON integration.

Data-Driven Social Discovery

Understand social traffic source at a property-wide and article level. Editors and social teams quickly learn how to create social traffic exchanges through our software.

Performance Analytics Dashboard

Comprehensive analytics dashboard with statistics outlining property traffic performance, community growth, top content, top contributors, and social distribution graph data.

*Third Party Integrations

Efficiently incorporate third party applications and services into your property. We help facilitate the entire integration and mapping process, QA, execution, and optimization.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Suite

Access a rich SEO toolset that helps editors understand and think about the search phrases behind every story, converting viral social hits into long-term search wins.

A/B Title Testing Tools

Test multiple creative headlines to determine top performing creatives.

*RebelMouse for Developers

Facilitate third party integrations and implement front-end changes including CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, via a dedicated GitHub repository integration.

Velocity Alerts & Actionable Analytics

Leverage velocity alerts and dynamic “most popular” units to catch viral hits in real time.

Google Analytics and Chartbeat Integration

Integrate your Google Analytics and/or Chartbeat account with your RebelMouse property.