It has been said that the only time many large families get together is at weddings. This milestone in a person's life has the ability to bring together families that may not have a chance to see each other except for large scale events. Sometimes it is because sisters and brothers are now living in far flung areas of the country or the world. Bringing members of the family together for not just one party, but for the entire weekend is an excellent way to rekindle relationships and renew the strength of shared love.

Another great advantage to wedding venues with attached hotels is the ability to invite friends and classmates that do not live in your own city. These can be former schoolmates from as far back as elementary school or those roommates you shared so much with in college. Not only do friends and classmates get a chance to catch up on where they have been during the ensuing years since school, but they can enjoy a brief vacation with one another once again.

Because of the mobile society we now live in, people often find that they have lived in several states or regions by the time they have reached their '20's. When their are lodging facilities conveniently located to the site of your wedding ceremony and reception, these "old" friends have a chance to share your special day with you. An added advantage of wedding venues near Kansas City is that everyone can stay in a hotel that is close-by your reception site and the wedding party can assemble in all their finery without having to travel any real distance.

During the days leading up to the wedding event, your guests can comfortably relax in the adjacent Courtyard by Marriott hotel. They have a chance to swim in the pool or work-out in their well appointed gym during their free time. Everyone's morning can begin with a fine cup of coffee at the hotel Bistro or with a snack from their marketplace right in the lobby. As an added bonus for guests who need to work or wish to correspond with home, the entire hotel features wi-fi so computers and mobile devices work with the world wide web.

Adams Pointe Conference Center weddings have many features that appeal to prospective brides and grooms. First and foremost is their attentiveness to detail. Their wedding planners can assist families with events related to the wedding itself, like rehearsal dinners and late morning brunches. For more information or to schedule an appointment for a tour, visit the web pages of