Every year of married life should be celebrated. While most couples exchange gifts on their anniversaries, many do not remember that each anniversary has a traditional gift idea associated with it. The most well-known gift is the exchange of gold on the 50th, or golden, anniversary. However, on other years, it is customary to purchase gifts constructed out of different materials. The fifth wedding anniversary, for example, is the year of wood. On this celebration, a wooden wedding anniversary gift makes the best present for a loving couple.

The Symbolism of Wood

Wood is a strong, durable material that stands the test of time. Items that are made from wood, such a furniture and houses, are seen as strong and stable. Just like trees form deep roots into the earth, couples form a deeper connection by the fifth year of their marriage. They have learned how to better communicate, overcome problems, and build a solid relationship. The fifth anniversary is often celebrated with a gift of wood to represent a strong and lasting bond between a husband and wife.

Gift Ideas for Him

The fifth anniversary is usually an easy year to buy a great gift for a husband. Wood is a very masculine material, so buying 5th anniversary gifts for him is usually an easy task. For a guy who likes to spend time cooking in the kitchen, consider a butcher block for preparing food. Wood cutting boards, knife holders, and serving utensils are also perfect options. For men who prefer to spend their free time in the outdoors, look for something they can use in the backyard, such as a wooden bench. A technology enthusiast would appreciate a wooden electronics holder for all of their gadgets.

Something for Her

Picking out a great wooden gift can be a little trickier when buying for a loving wife. However, there are many 5th anniversary present that are both practical and feminine. Wooden picture frames are a beautiful way to showcase an anniversary photo. A vase made from wood is perfect for displaying a bouquet of fresh flowers. Handy men can even construct a homemade vanity organizer. Of course, personalised wooden gifts are even more memorable. Consider adding an inscription or saying to a gift to make it extra special. Wood items are easily engraved, and they last indefinitely.

While buying a wooden gift for a fifth year anniversay may seem tricky to do, there are many modern gift ideas suitable for any husband and wife. A gift made from wood will last a long time and be something the married couple can enjoy for many more years to come.