It is no secret that some women like to cook more than others, or that those who do enjoy cooking are frequently able to rival some of the country's top chefs in their culinary creations. Such women tend to be discriminating about the ingredients with which they cook, as well as concerning the utensils they use when preparing their epicurean delights. When it comes time to give the perfect gift to such a woman, many people are stymied, for it often seems she already has everything she could possibly want. There is one thing, however, that is sure to delight her, and that is a handmade, exquisitely crafted, personalised chopping board created just for her. It's a gift you can rest assured she does not already have!

Lovingly handcrafted in the UK own Surrey Hills, Make Me Something Special is a family business that takes pride in creating something truly distinctive for each individual client. They do so the old-fashioned way, with craftsmanship and care, by hand, with consummate attention to detail. Each gift incorporates a personalised inscription. Chopping boards are but one of their many fine offerings. Categories of handmade gifts include any number of personalised wooden gifts such as personalised baby gifts, the range of items unique to the Emma Bridgewater collection, personalised business and corporate gifts, gifts for teachers, parents, birthdays, weddings, and more. These are not just any gift, but useful items, destined from their unwrapping to become coveted family heirlooms.

For example, imagine opening a heavy-as-lead package only to discover your own engraved wooden door stop, handcrafted from solid English Oak beams, filled with character and finished in Superior Danish oil and fitted with rubber feet and a hand-forged iron ring. Definitely not your "average" gift! Imagine the delight on any lucky bride or groom's face upon opening such a gift! It is certain to be unique among the multitude of boring platters, toasters and vases.

In this day and age of mass manufacturing, it is an exception to be given a gift that is beautifully handcrafted, let alone one that is bespoke, such as house sign or wall plaque. Quality, sadly, is also often an exception to the today's rules. However, it does not have to be! Hang a handcrafted wooden garden swing in the garden for the children. 5th anniversary wood gifts for him Chances are, when they grow up quite naturally swinging on, playing with and using quality wooden items every day that were made with proper attention and care, they won't settle for less when they grow up and make such choices for themselves!