The gulf between a landing page and a main website page is getting wider. A landing page is designed for one purpose, and its visual layout and esthetic is geared around driving website clicks or signups to a newsletter. Comparatively, a main website is much more involved. The narrative plan for Website Design NJ is a perfect example of just that. A story could not be told with just a single directive landing page. Designers are allowing a story to unfold over many pages within a website. The story is also reminiscent of a 'choose your own adventure' novel. Visitors can choose where they go next on the page, and the story unfolds.

The About Page

The about page is the simplest and most approachable way of looking at narrative in website design. The about page is a story. It tells where the business began, who began it, and where it hopes to end up. The about page should not be the only place on a website that is biographical. The main page could unveil that story. It could offer a story about that particular brand or product. From there, the about page expands on the ideas present in the product. For example, a new show launched, and proceeds of the sale will go to a certain charity i.e domestic abuse. The story could follow a mother facing that problem. The about page could expand on the companies charitable involvements and pursuit for safe homes everywhere.

Scrolling Down and Down and…

The narrative does not have to be as explicit as a specific charity. The narrative could be about the creation of the product. It could chronicle the team's development stages and the failed ideas that were developed before the final idea came to fruition. It could go as far as to showcase videos, testimonies, and other aspects to round out the narrative. Some designers are deciding to outline this on a single page that continues to scroll down further and further. The story is right there on the homepage.

Story in External Pages

It has been said many times- the web is an interconnected network of tubes and passages. A brand can tell a story over many pages, and they can keep it consistent. Website Design New Jersey can tell a huge and impressive narrative story as it relates to a single product or the whole company. The approach turns a faceless corporation into a very real icon.