There are many agencies and development companies that can design a great website for any business. Custom websites are necessary for businesses to stand out from their competition and reflect their uniqueness. An ordinary website from do-it-yourself templates will not attract the volume of customers needed to help a business thrive, let alone, expand. Website designs must catch the eye, but also be easy for visitors to navigate. A business can have a website with great graphics that help get the brand recognized, but if the platforms and formats are not responsive and clear, browsers will become customers on another site. Bricks & Mortar Creative has a team that is proficient in over a dozen platforms, frameworks, and languages.

Once the website is designed and tested, internet marketing is needed to take customers from surfing to buying on the site. In order to do that effectively, the business must take the time to decide who the target(s) will be, what the goals are, and the advertising budget. That focus will help the business utilize a few strategies that will a positive return on the investment. Considering all the internet marketing options, it is wise to seek professionals who specialize in that area.

Some website designers and developers, like Bricks & Mortar Creative, also offer internet marketing services. They can work with a business to create campaigns, coach existing in-house marketing teams, and develop strategies and tactics to suit the business needs and desired outcomes. Internet marketing strategies must also include applications for mobile performance to accommodate the increase in browsing and purchasing via mobile devices.

Internet marketing services display and re-targeting, traffic generation, Pay-per-click advertising, Email campaigns, content creation, local marketing, search engine management (SEM), and search engine optimization (SEO). Those services and mediums can be created separately, or in combination, depending on the needs of the business. For example, if the business is local, and wants to draw attention to a new product, local marketing may suit that need. If that same business wants to grow and compete on a larger scale, local marketing, an Email campaign, and traffic generating strategies can combine to achieve that goal.