The web industry has benefited greatly from the evolution of freelance and the great accessibility of anyone to generally able to do anything from their home computer. It has created an opportunity for Jonathan, unemployed because of a terrible work accident, to develop web sites for people without ever leaving his apartment. He can take care of himself. It is the same for the stay-at-home mom who needs to work but also raise her two babies, as well as the tech-savvy freelancer with determination and gusto for a job he loves.

Unfortunately, there is a side effect. Just as web design is accessible for some smart and knowledge professionals, it opens the door for people who are pretending to make some money. A web design company may be offering very low rates for their web design work for a variety of largely bad reasons.

1. They are new to the industry and do not know what to charge

2. They know they can't win over clients with their work, so they have to use price

3. They have very low overhead, which indicates that they do not have an office, team, and other expenses that are often needed to really develop for a client

It is also fair to assume that many companies charging very low rates simply have great systems in place. They may want to establish clients to remain competitive, and their method is offering very low prices. But, for everyone else, it can be all bad news. It could indicate that the company lacks resources to really supply for a client, or that they are unknowledgeable about a complicated and rapidly changing industry. Companies looking for very cheap web design may make themselves vulnerable. There are too many seemingly reputable web companies delivering mediocre services. It does not take much to make a website and seem to provide a service. WordPress templates, Ecommerce platforms, and other options do all the dirty work.

The price for custom web design should be in the average. Any pricing outliers should be seen as a red flag. Find a web design company in new jersey that seems reputable, but also charges a fair price for their services. Is the design of a website really the place to cut corners? If the future is on the web, it seems smart to really put the major focus of resources and budget in the future of a company.