The rise of e-commerce has led to a whole new demand for self-distributed products. Individuals can now sell hand-crafted baskets, custom posters, rare memorabilia, and anything else they can possibly get their hands on without detailed red tape. E-commerce is the ability to sell items online, but it ends up becoming much more involved than that. A Melbourne Digital Agency reworks, and sometimes repurposes, an existing content management platform to devise fully functional shopping for visitors. A very small business can create this identity that seems highly professional and detailed. Other companies will create fully custom e-commerce platforms with only subtle ties to their mainstream counterparts, such as BigCartel and Etsy.

The Etsy Option

There is a diverse range of options and layouts within e-commerce itself. Etsy is a platform that allows users to create a profile, design a shop, and sell items. In exchange for this almost comical ease and accessibility, Etsy takes a cut of each sale. The flaw with Etsy has a lot to do with its poor SEO integration. Google is not too interested in ranking Etsy-based websites highly because they are so easy to make. In other words, they are a dime a dozen. An Etsy seller has to curb that disadvantage and create a large following with a long trail of crumbs to rank highly for the right keywords. Fortunately, a custom e-commerce option does not have that handicap. It is custom and original based on ideas from established platforms.

Custom Platforms From the Ground Up

A Web Developer Melbourne creates a custom e-commerce page. This includes the technical back-end. Instead of piggy-backing off a simple Etsy site and running with it, a Melbourne Web Design company takes the fundamental features of the platform and repurposes them for a company. The website may have features of Etsy and other e-commerce options, but it is its own entity. This allows it to rank well for keywords from the beginning. It also allows the website to come out swinging. Functional SEO, including meta descriptions, images, and shared links help build an excellent starting platform.

Graphic Design Canberra works alongside the web developers to finalize a website that does everything the client asks for. It is not always easy, and e-commerce can be tricky because it requires financial oversight. Designers build the websites to sell products online and create a platform to track data and add new products with ease.