There was a day when you could just go down to a brook or stream and just sip the water without fear of being made ill. However, pollutants have since contaminated fresh drinking water and now other measures must be taken in order to ensure the water you are drinking is not filled with harmful bacteria or the residue of waste from factories. As a result of all of these polluting substances, water is now being offered in controlled containers. Examples of controlled containers are bottled containers, jugs, water filters and filtration, and Water coolers.

Water is such an important part of every process in life. It is for drinking, bathing, cleaning, cooking and even for recreation. It is no longer wise to just assume that the water that you come into contact with is safe. You can't depend upon the fact that the water is in a controlled container such as bottles or water filters is still safe enough for you to consume. You owe it to yourself to find out as much as you can about the water you are drinking or cooking with. Treating the water you drink is a good thing, but you need to understand the various water treatment alternatives available to you.

Two water treatment alternative are the filter/filtration system, which uses a Water dispenser, and distillation. The market is inundated with companies offering all kinds of water treatment solutions that it becomes overwhelming. The Water Filter system or filtration involves the usage of some sort of filter which separates contaminants from the water, either by some physical means, or by some chemical process. Water filtration removes chlorine, the byproducts of chlorine, and VOCs, which the first and the latter are dangerous contaminants. Filtration also removes harmful protozoa from drinking water, which has been known to cause gastrointestinal issues. The distillation process boils water to an evaporation point, leaving the contaminants separated. The evaporated water is transferred to a flask system and allowed to convert back to (a now) purified liquid).

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