People realize the danger of dehydration in warm weather when the sun can deplete the body of moisture, so they try to drink more water. What few people realize is that dehydration is an issue all the time. Many of the signs are over looked or attributed to something else. Heartburn, indigestion, and constipation, for example, are signs of dehydration. Others include urinary tract infections, chronic fatigue, and high cholesterol. Premature aging is also a direct result of not enough water. Wrinkles, dry skin, and pale complexion are all related to dehydration. Weight gain is also a sign. The body cannot flush out fat cells, if it does not have enough water.

A healthy lifestyle includes plenty of water. The problem is that regular tap water has so many contaminants in it that most people do not like the taste, and it can sometimes actually make people sick. Most tap water contains arsenic, aluminum, fluoride, and toxins. It can have a metallic taste, smell bad, and even appear cloudy at times. Bottled water may taste better, depending on the source and the brand, but it is very expensive and harmful to the environment. It can also be a total waste of money as some bottled water is actually filtered tap water. There is another alternative that is cost-effective and environmentally friendly. A Filtered water cooler for the home or office can provide clear and healthy water that tastes better than tap water and costs much less than bottled water. Call a Cooler is one way to always have fresh water available.

There are many sizes and options for systems that will the needs of a home, office, business, or industrial setting. An EzyFill water cooler is the perfect size for a home or small Office water dispenser. It is the most popular product available because it is very cost-effective. Refill containers are delivered and placed onto the base at scheduled intervals. so there are no heavy containers to lift. A Point of Use (POU) dispenser eliminates the need to change canisters at all because a filter is installed between the main water supply and the dispenser. That is useful in larger offices. A premium range POU cooler provides hot or cold water instantly, and it used mostly in reception areas.

Other options available include shower filters, whole house filter systems, and outdoor drinking fountains. Customers can go to for detailed information on all systems, services, and pricing. Having clean water easily accessible will encourage family members, staff, and customers to drink more water throughout the day. It can really improve overall health, increase energy, and prevent signs of aging.