Even the best appliance can have a bad day. Placing a microwave directly over a glass top stove is almost guaranteeing that sooner or later that oversize casserole dish without handles is going to slip as you take it from the microwave. Did you know that a dryer can overheat if mice build a nest in the exhaust hose (amazing how quickly they make nests, too!). An oven can be unexpectedly requisitioned by the inventor of the 5th grade science project - well, it wasn't supposed to explode.

Most appliance failures are more prosaic; a part wears out, there's a problem with the control panel, or the appliance just quits with no warning. No matter how expensive it was when new, the day comes when a decision has to be made to repair or replace. What should be considered when making that decision?

Is it Really Broken?

It seems obvious, but is the appliance plugged in?
If it stopped unexpectedly, did the circuit breaker trip?
Some appliances won't turn on or operate properly if the floor is uneven.
How Old is the Appliance?

Compactors have a relatively short expected life, only 6 years or so, but a range or refrigerator can be expected to operate for 13-15 years.

The 50% rule can help figure out whether repair or replace would be best. Find out the expected life of the appliance. If the appliance is older than 50% of its expected lifespan and if the cost of the repair is greater than 50% of the cost of a new appliance, then replace might be the best choice. If not, then repair the appliance.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a great feature, but an appliance does not always have to be replaced just because newer ones are more efficient.

How long someone expects to stay in their home is more important.
If the home will probably be sold in the new few years, repair is usually the best choice.
Choose the Best Appliance Repair Service

Do they repair that make and model?
The technician will be coming to your home. Have the technicians been drug tested and had background checks?
Can the repair be done promptly?
Will the technician have the part with him or be able to obtain it quickly?

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