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The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 1 Watch "30 Days Without An Accident" Online Free Streaming Enjoy

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Carol and Daryl, who seem to be smitten, discuss how the fences may not last forever with the constant pressure against them.

While life inside the prison is about as picturesque as we’ve seen in the series, there’s still work to be done beyond the walls. Michonne returns on horseback from a “where the hell is The Governor?” recon mission. No sign of him, she says.

A team of seasoned fighters — Daryl, Glenn, Michonne, Tyreese and Sasha — head out on a run for supplies. Newbies Zach (Kyle Gallner), a sprightly college guy romantically involved with Beth, and Bob (Larry Gilliard Jr.), who was found all by his lonesome a few weeks earlier, tag along.

The team discovers an abandoned military camp in front of a Big Spot (think Wal-Mart), and goes in for a look around the superstore. As the group gathers items, they are oblivious to the dozens of walkers ambling around atop the store’s rotting roof, along with a crashed helicopter.

Bob thinks about stealing some booze for himself, but knocks over a huge wine shelf in the process, trapping himself underneath. While the group tries to dislodge him, things get real bad, real fast. Walkers begin to fall down through the roof, into the store. A bloody shootout ensues as dozens of flesh-eaters plop down like marbles through tissue paper. Zach is bitten and killed by a walker before anyone can save him. Talk about a short-lived role.

Bob, who remains stuck under the shelf during the fracas, is saved by Daryl just before he’s attacked. The group hightails it out of the store as the helicopter smashes into the store from above.
walking-dead-daryl-carol.jpgDaryl and Carol share a tender moment in the prison. "The Walking Dead" Season 4 premiered tonight. Gene Page/AMC

When they return, Daryl tells Beth that her sweetheart was lost in the run. No longer a crybaby, she takes it in stride.

“I don’t cry anymore,” she blankly says to Daryl.

As the group goes on their supply trip, Rick checks the snares around the prison’s perimeter for fresh food. The council, the prison’s new governing body, asks Rick to carry his gun while walking outside the gates. In the past, such a request would seem obvious, but in this new, controlled world of assumed peace, the steel-jawed killer within the sheriff has subsided and a kinder, Officer Friendly type seems to drive Rick these days.

While walking in the woods, Rick comes across a desperate, filth-covered woman begging for his help. She pleads with him to assist her in carrying a boar in one of the snares to her husband, who hasn’t eaten in days. She asks about Rick’s camp and, amazingly, considering her unstable state, he says they can join if he speaks to her husband and asks him three questions.

As Rick and the woman walk to her husband, she talks of all the horrible things she’s had to do to survive — leave people behind, hide from people who needed her help. The moment acts as a mirror for Rick, who has also done all the things she described, and much more, to maintain this new, calm for the moment, life.

The two reach the clearing where the woman’s husband resides and immediately, something is wrong. Seeing the husband is a walker, Rick turns around and narrowly avoids the woman’s attempt to stab him with a knife. Crazed, she says she brought Rick to the clearing because her husband needed fresh meat on which to feed, and getting him to walk over was easier than dragging the boar. The desperate girl loses her mind and stabs herself in the stomach, unable to live in her nightmarish world any longer. Rick sheds a tear while trying to comfort her in her final moments. Apparently the three questions he was going to ask the husband, the questions that he asks each prospect, are:

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