A laser eye procedure is one that uses non-thermal beams of light energy to reshape the cornea to improve vision. This treatment only takes about fifteen minutes for each eye and can allow a person to say goodbye to their glasses forever or at least lower their prescription. Those considering laser eye surgery often have many questions. Allow this information to provide answers so people can make a sound decision when making their choice.

What vision conditions does laser eye surgery treat? Laser eye surgery at the WA Laser Eye Centre can treat astigmatism, farsightedness, and nearsightedness. With each of these conditions, the shape of the cornea affects how the person sees. Laser eye surgery can correct problems with the shape of the cornea so the eyes will be better able to see.

Is laser eye surgery safe? The FDA has determined laser eye surgery is safe for most people. Though no surgical procedure is without risks, laser eye surgery is carried out in a controlled environment and under precise applications. The surgeon maintains complete control of the laser with safeguards being put in place to avoid error. Less than one percent of people having laser eye surgery will experience serious incidents.

Does this surgery cause any pain? During laser eye surgery, Dr. Robert Paul uses numbing drops to prevent them patients from feeling any pain from the laser. The vast majority of patients report only feeling a minor amount of discomfort for one to two days. Those who are concerned about pain can have their doctor write a prescription.

Do patients have stitches after their laser eye surgery? This eye surgery does not require any stitches because the eye is self-healing. When the surgeon opens the lens and creates a flap, it is simply put back in place after the procedure and immediately self-seals. This means there is no need for stitches of any type.

When can patients drive after eye surgery? Most people are able to return to driving as soon as they feel comfortable. Patients will not be able to drive for the first twenty-four hours and will wear special eyewear protection.

How much does this procedure cost? The cost of laser eye surgery can vary depending on the surgeon. Most people pay an average of $2100 per eye. For further information on price, people can visit walasereye.com.au/.

Those who are interested in learning more about laser eye surgery should call the WA Laser Eye Centre right away. Through a consultation appointment, people can learn if they are a good candidate for the procedure so they can improve their vision and possibly say goodbye to glasses and contacts forever.