If you're not using Voice over Internet Protocol(VoIP) for your business, you're making communication too difficult and expensive. It doesn't need to be that way. Unlike 10 years ago, finding a Canadian VoIP provider isn't too difficult. You can have your new phone system up within a week. One of the benefits of VoIP service is that it keeps your business mobile. There are superior call-routing methods that can prevent calls from immediately going to voicemail. These methods can try multiple phones to contact you. For example, the first four rings might be directed to your office phone.

After that, your mobile phone might ring a few times. It's only after the mobile phone isn't answered that the call will be redirected to your voicemail account. You'll be able to catch calls you would otherwise miss. It's also easier for you to get in contact with your staff instead of having to wait for them to return your calls.

Advanced routing isn't the only great feature of VoIP phones Durham Region. Quality services offer a transcription feature that can turn your voicemails into easy-to-read texts and emails. You enter your email into the system. When you get a voicemail, it is transcribed and immediately sent to you. This is a feature that eliminates the need for you to remember names, phone numbers, and addresses that might have been left in a voice message. You can also look up information by pulling up the email or text. VoIP technology can also be integrated with doors that use buzzers to unlock. You can have a conversation with a person who is buzzing a door in an attempt to gain entry to the building. The quality of the call will be superior to the quality of older intercom systems.

Without music, how do you know if you are on hold? You really don't. You could be holding a phone to your ear not realizing that the call was dropped five minutes ago. Don't subject your customers to such a scenario. With VoIP services, you can easily integrate music on your lines so that people know they are on hold and the call is connected.