Fort Myers is known for its Beaches, and for very good reasons. Fort Myers Beach itself is one of the most beautiful in the whole country, with soft sands and gentle waves breaking in from the Gulf of Mexico. Other nearby beaches like those at Sanibel or the neighboring Captiva Islands have plenty to offer, too, so it is not surprising that so many tourists spend much of their time enjoying these assets.

On the other hand, there are lots of exciting things of entirely different sorts to do in the area, too. At sites like, those heading to southwest Florida can find Fort Myers Visitor Guides that will inevitably produce a whole lot of truly interesting ideas.

The Six Mile Slough Cypress Preserve, for example, is one of the finest examples of such a natural setting to be found anywhere. While Florida is well known for the cypress trees that so love to take root alongside swampy areas, few parts of the state boast such a dense, thriving collection of them.

In addition to the trees that give the preserve its name, there is plenty of other fascinating natural life to be found there, too. Many visitors, for example, report seeing the kinds of alligators that invariably provide a thrilling experience, although they do so at completely safe distances. A whole host of beautiful birds also build nests in and occupy the preserve, from long-legged storks and herons to smaller, more colorful birds of many sorts.

For many people, too, spending time on the beaches in the area gives way to a desire to head out onto the Gulf of Mexico itself. MustDo Fort Myers Visitor Guides regularly recommend that people with a thirst for adventure look into fishing charters, because these can be a great way of experiencing the freedom of the Gulf while also having something concrete to do.

Anglers who have a taste for trolling often find that a day spent pursuing sailfish is one well spent. Some of the most desirable game fish in the whole world, these elegant, scrappy fighters regularly put on some remarkable shows. Being capable of flying twenty or more feet through the air when properly motivated, they often display this skill in unforgettable ways to those lucky enough to hook them. While relaxing on the beach is a great way of enjoying Fort Myers, then, there are plenty of entirely different approaches to making the most of what the area has to offer.